Guild of trade enterprises and services

The Guild is a public organization uniting the members of the Union "Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry" on a sectoral basis. The main objectives of the Guild are: to promote the development of the economy of Moscow, its integration into the economy of the country and the world economic system, the formation of modern industrial, financial and trade infrastructure, the creation of favorable conditions for business.


Moscow chamber of commerce and industry

The primary objective of the MCCI is to provide support to the business community of Moscow, promote entrepreneurship in Moscow, and assist in building efficient cooperation between the business community and the authorities.The MCCI currently unites over 3500 companies representing various segments and sectors of the city’s economy – small and medium businesses, large enterprises, non-profit and educational organizations, overseas offices of foreign companies.


Russo-British Chamber of Commerce

RBCC has a membership base, representing Russian, UK and international companies interested in strengthening their existing ties with Russia/UK or expanding into a new market.







Committee on the development of the procurement system

The Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation on the development of the procurement system has been established and has been carrying out activities to improve the implementation of measures to reform and develop the system of procurement of goods, works, services to ensure state and municipal needs, procurement of goods, works, services by state companies, natural monopolies and other legal entities.


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