Our approach to work

Constant information exchange

Our Law Office clearly understands the importance of permanent information exchange with our clients. It allows us to achieve goals with the greatest efficiency. Continuing communication with our clients is a cornerstone of successful completion of our projects: we inform our clients about different aspects of project realization, plans, performance strategies, changes in the legislation that is applicable to the client's activities and projects, as well as other essential information. 

Responsible partner 

Each project is coordinated and run by a partner of BRACE Law Firm who is directly involved in the project. The partner coordinates work of engaged lawyers and others employees in all the circumstances and unforeseen situations.  

Effective solutions 

We aspire to provide quality and effective solutions of business necessities of our clients. Therefore, Russian Law Firm as whole and our lawyers render legal services with a strong belief that satisfaction of customers' needs is the best way to measure outcomes of our work.   

Trust and client-oriented approach 

As our relationships with clients are based on trust and mutual understanding, we can give more effective consultation in the sphere of Russian law system and provide our clients with well-adopted client service.

How do we work?

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initial consultation
Conclusion of legal services agreement
Project work
On each stage we inform you about results
We provide the result and prepared documents

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