Banks and financial institutions

Legal support and judicial protection in the provision of banking and other financial services according to Russian law

Banks and financial institutions

BRACE Law Firm provides legal support and judicial protection of the interests of legal entities in disputes related to the provision of financial services.

The fundamental factor of the activities of banks and other financial institutions is the observance of the lawfulness of financial transactions and the establishment of relationships between counterparties, customers and government bodies. Banking and financial spheres have a complex specificity that requires not only knowledge and understanding of a large number of legislative acts, but also the need to constantly be aware of the latest changes and innovations. Their tracking and analysis are the primary objectives of lawyers specializing in the provision of services in this industry.

Our experience

  1. Legal due diligence of problem corporate loans issued by a large Russian bank with a view to their subsequent acquisition by corporate collector
  2. Challenging the size of the appraisal of the collateral that ensures the repayment of the loan due to its previous significant underestimation
  3. Independent legal audit of the compliance system built in a Russian bank, with the preparation of recommendations aimed at minimizing legal risks
  4. Legal investigation of a case of corruption in a Russian bank

Legal services

  1. Judicial representation on disputes of economic entities with banks on loans, deposits, arrears;
  2. Participation in the resolution of disputes related to banking and currency legislation.

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