Transport and logistic

Legal support for transport companies, freight forwarders, consignors, consignees, logistics centers, operators of customs terminals and warehouses, carriers, forwarders

Transport and logistic

BRACE Law Firm provides legal support for the activities of transport and freight forwarding companies, consignors, consignees, operators of customs terminals and warehouses, carriers, freight forwarders, car companies, and also provides legal consulting services in organizing document circulation in the field of logistics.

We represent clients in all types of transportation (automobile, water, air, railway, mixed) of passengers and cargo (including dangerous, oversized and perishable goods) carried out both domestically and abroad.

In addition to advising on transportation and logistics, we provide legal assistance and support on issues that arise in the course of the accompanying activities: packaging, handling, storage, insurance.

Organizations involved in transport and logistics, in addition to civilian, have to deal with many other branches of law, such as administrative, environmental, customs, taxation, insurance, financial, etc., which requires a constant integrated approach.

Our specialists understand the specifics of transport and logistics activities, they know its features and have considerable practical experience in the development of all kinds of contracts, as well as pre-trial and judicial resolution of conflicts that arise between companies involved in the transportation process, among themselves or with government agencies.

Our experience

  1. Adaptation of contract templates for a Russian logistics center aimed at minimizing legal risks of damage to goods and non-payment of customers
  2. Pre-trial settlement of debt in the interests of the Russian carrier, formed as a result of non-payment of the state customer. Based on the pre-trial claim, the debt was repaid in full
  3. Legal advice to a Russian pharmaceutical logistics operator on the issue of building a “Cool chain” in the transportation of medicinal products and excipients for pharmaceutical production
  4. Advising a supplier of medicines regarding insurance compensation as a result of damage to cargo during transportation
  5. Legal support for the participation of a Russian carrier in an electronic auction for the right to conclude a state contract for the implementation of transportation for state needs

Legal services

  1. Preparing / legal analysis of contracts, agreements in the field of transport, expedition, logistics, cargo insurance, storage and others;
  2. Legal advice on transportation;
  3. Appealing against actions (inaction) and decisions of controlling state bodies in the field of transport and logistics;
  4. Advising on the legal aspects of the establishment, organization of the activities of freight forwarding companies or the company's own auto facilities;
  5. Pre-trial and judicial settlement of disputes on compensation for damage, payment of compensation and insurance compensation;
  6. Legal support on procurement.

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