Business (Company) Relocation

Legal support of business relocation (company relocation)


The difficult political and economic situation in the country and the world is forcing entrepreneurs to transfer business to another country or region under their jurisdiction. This procedure is called relocation. This is due to the fact that the restrictions imposed in various business sectors do not allow full-fledged business activity, not only the general activities of companies and transport logistics, but also financial transactions, suffer from sanctions and prohibitions. Disconnection from various services led to the forced need to transport business to other countries.

There can be many reasons for transferring business activities to a particular country, and each business owner makes this decision independently, the main reasons for relocation include:

  1. economic sanctions, prohibition of import/export and sale of goods;
  2. financial stability and economic sustainability of the country and its market;
  3. cost of renting/purchasing real estate;
  4. cost of labor resources when transferring technological processes;
  5. opportunities to expand the sales market, etc.

Taking into account the economic situation, the decision to transfer business to another country is made by companies whose activities are related to the export / import of goods, the IT sector, companies whose activities are related to direct interaction with foreign partners.

The relocation process may include opening a branch or registering a new legal entity, choosing a business location, relocating technology facilities, opening bank accounts, relocating employees or hiring new employees, the necessary actions depend on:

  1. directly to the company itself, which moves its business to another country, from the type of activity;
  2. from the country where the relocation takes place;
  3. from the scale of the business.

To relocate a company, entrepreneurs have to solve many issues and tasks, such as:

  1. Selecting a country to transfer the company. The choice of a country for relocation depends on many factors, and is determined by each company independently, taking into account all the important circumstances of a particular business activity.
  2. Choice of design of the relocation procedure: opening a new company or a branch of an existing one. In most cases, a new legal entity is opened, this is due to the fact that many foreign partners do not want to work with Russian companies.
  3. Definition of the taxation system. This issue largely depends on the country of business relocation.
  4. Opening bank accounts in foreign banks for settlements with counterparties. It should be noted that many banks do not want to spoil their reputation and refuse to interact with Russian companies.
  5. Transfer of technological processes to another country. If an entrepreneur decides to close a company and open a new one under the jurisdiction of another state, then, as a rule, all production is transferred to another country.
  6. Relocating staff and hiring new ones as needed. The relocation of the company's employees to another country is associated not only with the physical relocation of the labor collective, but also with the solution of migration issues, the arrangement of life, the relocation of the family, etc.
  7. Establishing interaction with contractors and building new supply chains. Moving to another country obliges entrepreneurs to resolve these issues as well, because the full functioning of the business in a new place depends on it.

It is important to understand that the process of registering a new company in another country may have its own characteristics, this is due to the country's legislation, cultural and religious specifics of the country, geographical location and other important factors.

Despite the fact that the choice of the country of business relocation remains with each entrepreneur individually, it is important to note that the involvement of experienced specialists in the field of moving a business to another country will save a fairly large amount of resources, both temporary and financial. Taking into account the rapidly changing situation in the country and the world, and following it, the rapidly changing legislation, competent specialists will help entrepreneurs, including minimizing possible risks that may arise during relocation. This is due to the fact that lawyers do not just document the entire process of transferring a business to another country, they conduct an analysis, study the markets, the situation in the world, legislation and offer entrepreneurs the most profitable scheme that will allow them to keep their business and continue its development in another country.

To carry out the relocation procedure, it is important to understand various issues, especially the legislation of the country where the business is planned to be transferred. As a rule, this refers to the procedure for registering a legal entity, taxing various types of activities, conducting financial policy, obtaining benefits, migration legislation, obtaining permits, if the company's activities are subject, for example, to licensing and other issues. Each business relocation is individual, because for each company its own issues and tasks will be solved, for some the production process and the transfer of technological production are important, and for some, employees who are directly involved in business processes are important, for each company this is individually.

Legal services

  1. Advising clients on moving business to another country
  2. Necessary execution of legal documents and relocation support
  3. Representing the interests of the customer during the relocation procedure

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