Legal representation in courts of cassation

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One of the important areas of practice of lawyers of BRACE Law Firm is the provision of legal representation in legal representation in courts of cassation. In our practice, we are faced with various types of [name of the category of disputes] disputes at different stages of resolution, including pre-trial and trial. Our advantage is extensive experience in case management in courts, specialized expertise and a well-coordinated team of lawyers and lawyers.

Features associated with the legal representation in courts of cassation require an individual approach to each specific case and careful legal analysis.

The appeal in courts of cassation

The court of cassation proceedings are intended to correct material violations of substantive law or procedural law committed by the courts in the course of the previous trial and affecting the outcome of the case, and without which it is impossible to restore and protect violated rights, freedoms and legitimate interests, as well as protected law of public interest.

Persons participating in the case and other persons are entitled to appeal against court decisions if their rights and legitimate interests are violated by court orders. The deadline for filing a cassation appeal is 6 months from the date of entry into force of judicial decisions.

The following persons have the right to file a cassation appeal:

  1. the persons participating in the case: the defendant, the plaintiff, their authorized representatives, etc;
  2. the third parties whose rights and legitimate interests were substantially affected by the decision of the court of first instance or appeal.

In a cassation appeal, you can state a request for a new decision or for referral of the case for a new consideration. Despite the fact that the court of cassation is not actually bound by the reasons for the motion, the judges are unlikely to go beyond the stated requirements. Therefore, the most optimal solution is to ask for the case to be returned to a new trial.

Legal services

  1. Legal analysis of documents and other evidence submitted by the client on a dispute in a court of cassation
  2. Advising lawyers at BRACE Law Firm on the prospects for judicial and / or pre-trial settlement of a dispute
  3. Preparation and submission of the claim (in the event that a mandatory pre-trial procedure is provided or the submission of the claim is necessary for other reasons)
  4. Development of a strategy and tactics for protecting a client in court
  5. Collection, preparation and retrieval of evidence for a court case
  6. Preparation and filing of a statement of claim (application) and other procedural documents on a judicial dispute
  7. Representation of interests, case management in court by BRACE lawyers and completion of all necessary procedural actions
  8. Coordination in several parallel processes
  9. Legal assistance in administrative matters
  10. Preparation and support of the conclusion of amicable agreements concluded at various stages of the trial
  11. Appeal of judicial acts in courts of appeal, cassation and supervisory review
  12. Support of enforcement proceedings
  13. Other legal assistance in cases in courts of cassation

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