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Legal support for the activities of companies and businesses, subscription services to organizations

Drafting and legal expertise of contracts according to Russian law

All companies from the moment of formation enter into relationships with a number of state and non-state structures: banks, funds, inspections, other non-profit and commercial organizations, individuals. A significant part of these relationships is regulated by various laws, rules, regulations, orders, other legal acts.

Often, organizations are faced with a variety of legal issues in various areas and they may need the help of several specialists in the field of law at the same time, which can require significant costs for the maintenance of the legal department of the company. In addition, with the development of business, the needs for certain legal services may undergo constant changes. In this regard, the best solution to these difficulties may be the involvement of a third-party law firm. Such legal assistance can be provided both in the format of a permanent subscription service, and in the form of a one-time assistance.

At present, it is impossible not to note the trend of constant and rapid changes in legislation, which requires a fairly quick response. Possible delay may entail both inspections by the authorized authorities, with the subsequent detection of violations and the imposition of penalties, as well as the emergence of conflict situations with partners and / or counterparties of the company.

It is important to note that legal assistance is also necessary in the daily activities of the organization, such as contract work, negotiations with clients, labor relations, claims work, tax optimization, obtaining the necessary permits for the organization’s work, etc. Also, the founders, managers and employees of the organization may experience legal issues related directly to their work and requiring legal advice.

Often, to support the activities of a small organization, it is enough to develop standard documents (for example, standard contracts, acts of acceptance of work performed / services rendered) and policies governing the company's activities (for example, privacy policies, policies for working with clients and other local legal acts).

A special place in the work on legal support of the company is occupied by the legal compliance of its activities, which aims at early self-identification of legal risks associated with current work, the development of preventive measures aimed at preventing possible disputes, bringing a legal entity to administrative responsibility, as well as resolving internal conflicts .

In some cases, situations arise when assistance is required during the direct inspection of an organization, which can be carried out by a large number of authorized authorities, including the Federal Tax Service, law enforcement agencies of internal affairs, prosecutors, Federal Service for the Protection of Consumer Rights and many others. In this case, it is important to timely determine the validity and legality of initiating inspections and to monitor their conduct in accordance with applicable law.

It is impossible not to note such an important area of work on legal support of organizations as support for litigation of various kinds. The need to go to court may arise when working with unscrupulous counterparties, when challenging the results of audits of the organization or in case of holding the organization liable, as well as in corporate disputes. In this case, it is necessary to promptly involve a specialized lawyer with a detailed study of the materials and documents for an objective forecast of the results of the litigation and the development of a legal position in the trial.

In addition, in order to apply to the court, preliminary claim work may be required, which can have a beneficial effect on the peaceful resolution of the contradictions that have arisen, which in fact creates the possibility of significant savings in time and money for the organization.

The above types of services in the legal support of organizations only partially describe the amount of legal assistance that may be required, since in order to determine the exact list of necessary services, an individual assessment of the current legal situation of a particular company is needed, taking into account the characteristics of its activities and goals.

The methods of legal support for the activities of organizations on the terms of outsourcing include:

  1. legal assistance on the terms of consultation (both primary and repeated);
  2. legal support with the provision of a certain amount of services in a period agreed with the client in advance (monthly, quarterly, etc.);
  3. prompt assistance to the company on certain issues raised, including the departure of a lawyer to the court, at the place of inspection, at the location of partners and counterparties, or directly at the location of the organization.

The advantage of legal support for organizations is an individual approach depending on the profile of the company (for example, pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors of medicines and medical devices, construction companies, etc.), no need to create jobs for full-time lawyers, prompt assistance from lawyers in various areas.

Legal support for the activities of legal entities is based on an integrated approach to resolving issues that arise in the course of doing business. Any business entity that has concluded an outsourcing agreement with lawyers receives a wide range of services covering many legal aspects of the client company's activities, as well as the opportunity to use the experience and knowledge of a whole team of lawyers with a high level of qualification.

Legal services

  1. Written and oral legal advice on all issues related to the activities of the organization
  2. Legal opinions on business issues (identification of violations in the preparation of documents, analysis of the current situation, assessment of commercial risks and development of recommendations to minimize them)
  3. Preparing local legal acts and other documents regulating the activities of the company
  4. Preparing and legal analysis of contracts, assessment of legal risks of concluded transactions
  5. Legal support of transactions, development of contractual schemes of any complexity and civil law contracts
  6. Negotiation, pre-trial settlement of conflicts; help and advice on the best solution to issues
  7. Representing the interests of the organization in the controlling authorities
  8. Provision of legal services in support of transactions: development of an agreement, its legal analysis, participation in negotiations, resolution of disagreements and registration of a document with authorized bodies
  9. Legal assistance during inspections
  10. Legal assistance in resolving disputes and during inspections by regulatory organizations
  11. Claim work
  12. Representation in courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration courts, which is accompanied by pre-trial settlement, preparation and collection of procedural documents, participation in court sessions, filing claims, collecting evidence, appealing illegal court decisions
  13. Reorganization and liquidation of legal entities
  14. Legal assistance in enforcement proceedings

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