Legal assistance to participants and customers in public and corporate procurement

Legal assistance to participants and customers in public and corporate procurement

Legal support of procurement participants, as well as state and corporate customers, is one of the important areas of public and corporate procurement practice services of BRACE Law Firm.

Lawyers of BRACE Law Firm specialize in legal support of state and corporate procurements, and also have many years of experience in protecting the rights of procurement participants, as well as state and corporate customers.

Legal assistance to participants and customers in public and corporate procurement

The main legal acts in Russian legislation governing the implementation of activities of customers and procurement participants are Federal Law dated 05 April 2013, N 44- FZ “On the contract system in the field of procurement of goods, works, services to meet state and municipal needs”, which regulates state and municipal procurements, and Federal Law of July 18, 2011 N 223- FZ “On Procurement of Goods, Work, Services by Certain Types of Legal Entities”, which regulates corporate procurement of companies with a share of government.

To maintain a balance of interests of the parties involved in the procurement procedures, an individual approach to each issue that arises in practice is necessary.

When providing legal assistance to procurement participants, it is especially important to develop the behavioral strategy of such a participant even at the stage of deciding on participation. This helps to increase the efficiency of participation in the procurement, the competent formation of proposals and, if the procurement participant is recognized as the winner, prevents the risks of making legal errors at the stage of concluding the contract.

The activities of state and corporate customers include many important aspects and legal features that are present at each stage of the procurement procedures. Providing legal assistance to state and corporate customers significantly reduces the risks of detection by the regulatory body of violations of the requirements of procurement legislation, as well as the risks of disputes with procurement participants and suppliers.

Legal assistance (legal services) in the field of public and corporate procurement contributes to the competent construction of relations with the supplier (procurement participant) or customer.

Legal services

  1. Legal analysis of documents submitted by the customer or procurement participant
  2. Consultation of lawyers of BRACE Law Firm on all legal issues and situations arising in the course of activities of both state and corporate customers under Russian federal laws, and procurement participants
  3. Legal support in contesting the inclusion of procurement participants in the Register of Unscrupulous Suppliers
  4. Legal protection of customers in case of unfair behavior of procurement participants
  5. Development and legal examination of procurement documentation and other documents required to accompany government and corporate procurement
  6. Legal support in the preparation and submission of applications for participation in procurement
  7. Preparation of legal opinions on the implementation of procurement activities or participation in procurement
  8. Legal representation of customers or procurement participants on issues arising in the process of public and corporate procurement or in the process of taking part in the procurement

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