Our experience allows us to offer our clients the most comfortable and efficient financial conditions both in terms of project goals and in terms of the client’s budget.

Accurate and realistic assessment of the cost of services, as well as timely informing the client about budget spending are one of the priorities of our work. We preliminarily discuss and agree with the client the applicable tariffs, the total fee and the fee for particular stages of the provision of legal services, costs and expenses for the implementation of a legal task. Based on the results of a preliminary assessment of the situation, we always strive to form and agree with the client a budget for each stage of the provision of services and make our interaction financially transparent.

We use several mechanisms for calculating and paying the cost of legal services.

1. Fixed fee

Determination of a fixed fee for services is possible in cases where the scope of the proposed legal work can be determined prior to its commencement. For the client, such an approach to pricing is convenient for greater certainty and the ability to fix costs at the stage of the start of the project.

The table below shows the fee of the most common legal services:

Legal service Fee (rub.)
Legal advice from 10 000
Legal expertise of an agreement / contract from 15 000
Development of an agreement / contract from 20 000
Preparation of a claim from 20 000
Preparation of a complaint or statement to the bodies of the Federal Antitrust Service of Russia from 25 000
Preparation of other documents from 15 000
Preparation and participation in the negotiation process in order to protect the interests of the client (up to 2 hours) 25 000
Representation of interests in an arbitration court, a court of general jurisdiction, with the exception of ordered and simplified proceedings from 150 000
Representation of interests in a case in an arbitration court or a court of general jurisdiction in the order of ordered or simplified proceedings from 80 000

2. Subscription payment

Depending on the needs and complexity of the legal challenges facing the client, it is possible to choose a suitable package of monthly subscription services. Different subscription service packages include a different number of hours of work of BRACE Law Firm specialists or involved parties. At the same time, the cost of an hour of work of a lawyer with a subscription service is significantly less than the hourly rates, and applies to the work of any lawyer. In case of exceeding the number of hours of rendering services within a certain tariff, the cost of services outside the corresponding package of services is determined based on the standard hourly rates of BRACE specialists or involved persons.

3. Hourly rates

The cost of services is calculated based on the product of the tariff rate for the number of astronomical hours or minutes that was required to provide legal services. Hourly rates vary depending on the qualifications and experience of the attorney providing legal services.

4. Payment for the result (“Success Fee”)

Depending on the specifics of the project, we can determine the cost of legal services, not tied to the amount of time spent, on the condition of a “Success Fee”, i.e. payment of the cost depending on the achievement of the result, for example, the collection in favor of the client of a certain amount of funds and / or the issuance / execution of a court decision. Typically, a Success Fee applies to, but is not limited to, dispute resolution and litigation projects.

5. Combined financial terms

We also use combined methods of payment for legal services to create the most comfortable achievement of the client’s result, for example, a fixed cost and a “Success Fee” in the case of litigation projects. It is also possible to limit the maximum amount of legal services by setting an upper limit for their provision, exceeding which requires written approval from clients (“Cap”).

Payment procedure for legal services

As a rule, the cost of legal services is paid by a client on the terms of an advance or prepayment. At the same time, in some cases, we are ready to consider the subsequent payment and payment by installments.

The cost of legal services and compensation of expenses are not subject to VAT due to the application of the simplified taxation system by BRACE Law Firm.

The total cost of services is determined after analyzing all documents / materials / information and discussing with the client.

Send us a description of your task, and we will provide you with more information on the cost of legal services.

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