Energy and Natural Resources

Legal services and comprehensive legal support according to Russian law to organizations in the field of production, transmission and sale of electricity and heat, companies in the fuel and energy complex

Energy and Natural Resources

One of the activities of the BRACE Law Firm is the provision of legal services to organizations in the energy sector. We provide legal assistance on issues arising in the production, transmission and sale of electricity and heat, as well as other energy resources. Our customers are energy supplying organizations and suppliers of natural energy resources, as well as legal entities - consumers.

The main reasons for the emergence of disputes in this area include inadequate contracts, agreements and other documents regulating the relationship between the parties, both among themselves and with state bodies, as well as untimely reaction to changes in legislation.

Therefore, the activities of companies in the energy sector require increased attention, and their legal support seems vital. Lawyers specializing in energy and subsoil use, in addition to fundamental knowledge in law, need knowledge and understanding of non-legal aspects of their clients' activities.

Over the years of work in our company, a professional and competent team of specialists has formed, capable of providing qualified support to companies of the fuel and energy complex and consumers.

Our experience

  1. Preparation of a set of documents for concluding contracts with energy supply companies as part of procurement in accordance with Federal Law No. 223-FZ dated July 18, 2011 “On the procurement of goods, works, services by certain types of legal entities”
  2. Pre-trial settlement of disputes with an energy supply organization in the interests of the management company of a large business center
  3. Debt collection in the interests of a large electric power producer, which arose as a result of non-payment by enterprises-consumers of electricity
  4. Representing the interests of a large developer in a dispute over a violation by an electricity supply company of the procedure for technical connection to grid facilities
  5. Representing a Russian company in a case involving the abuse of dominant market position by energy supply companies
  6. Advising a Russian electricity company on pricing in electricity markets and compliance with antimonopoly restrictions

Legal support of activities in the field of energy

We provide the following legal services:

  1. preparation / legal analysis of contracts for electricity, gas supply, contracts for the supply of coal, oil, gas, as well as related agreements and additions;
  2. preparation of a set of documents for the conclusion of contracts with energy supply companies and suppliers / buyers of natural energy resources;
  3. analysis of existing legal mechanisms and customer relationships with energy supplying organizations;
  4. preparation of documents for participation in bidding for contracts / agreements for electricity and heat supply, as well as for the supply of natural resources;
  5. analysis of transactions with real estate for the possibility of concluding agreements with energy supplying organizations;
  6. pre-trial settlement of disputes with energy supplying organizations and suppliers / buyers of natural energy resources;
  7. challenging of illegally established tariffs, norms of consumption of electric and thermal energy;
  8. recovery of arrears and losses arising from unconsiderable consumption of electricity and heat energy, and also as a result of their consumption without entering into a contract;
  9. recovery of losses related to the supply of electricity, thermal energy, coal, oil, gas of inadequate quality, quantity (capacity);
  10. participation in disputes related to the violation by power supply companies of the rights of consumer organizations with technical connection to grid facilities, as well as disputes arising from the separation of capacity between consumers;
  11. participation in disputes related to the abuse of power supply companies by the dominant position in the market;
  12. conducting business in antimonopoly bodies, executive authorities, regulating pricing in electricity markets, and in courts;
  13. legal support of projects related to energy facilities (investment, design, construction, purchase, sale);
  14. advising on compliance of documentation with regulatory requirements and licensing conditions;
  15. advising on other issues in the energy sector.

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