BRACE Law Firm provides legal services to corporate and private clients on issues of Russian and international law.

Our practice is based on dispute resolution and litigation. At the same time, our areas of expertise include such areas of legal practice as support of commercial activities, antitrust law, real estate, public procurement, international law, and foreign investment.

The quality of our services is based on industry expertise, an understanding of the functioning of the legal system, individual and partnership relations with each client, compliance with high professional and ethical standards, and technological effectiveness in working with information.

We provide quality, effective and timely solutions. In each case, the BRACE team strives to ensure that the best result is achieved with the least possible means.

In addition to the main branches of law, on which we base the provision of any legal services, in many cases, it is important to take into account the particularities of the activities of companies specializing in certain business sectors. Each area of entrepreneurship has a rather large volume of legal acts regulating it, which must be taken into account to build the most optimal and efficient business model, develop a company’s working strategy suitable for market conditions, and comply with all the requirements of regulatory and supervisory authorities.

To achieve these goals, it is important to resort to the provision of legal assistance from lawyers with experience in supporting the activities of companies and organizations with a narrow focus. In this case, the process of legal assistance must take into account the specifics of the business entity.

BRACE Law Firm provides services to legal entities and individuals within the framework of such industries as: Healthcare and pharmaceuticals, Retail, Transport and logistic, Banks and financial institutions, Telecommunications and IT, Energy and Natural Resources, Construction.

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