Legal support of investments in healthcare and pharmaceuticals

Legal services (legal assistance) in support of investments in healthcare and pharmaceuticals

Legal support of activities of pharmaceutical companies

An important area of practice at BRACE Law Firm is the provision of legal services to support investments in healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

Healthcare and pharmaceuticals are key areas of industry specialization for lawyers of BRACE Law Firm, in which we provide legal services to manufacturers and distributors of medicines, medical devices, dietary supplements, and other healthcare organizations on issues of Russian and international law.

Investing in healthcare and pharmaceuticals

Investment activity is the activity of investing money and other property in objects of entrepreneurial activity for the purpose of profit.

It should be noted that investing in healthcare and pharmaceuticals is an important aspect of the functioning of the markets for medicines and medical devices, as well as medical services in the economies of various countries.

Cases of investing by concluding concession agreements or public-private partnership agreements are becoming more common, which indicates an active interaction between the state and private business. Also quite relevant is the transfer of technology in the framework of organizations of different countries, which contributes to international cooperation.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that the pharmaceutical and health sectors are the most “regulated” at the legislative level. This is due to the social importance of their quality functioning. However, the lack of the necessary experience in resolving legal relations related to investing in these areas can lead not only to the risks of administrative and criminal liability but also to make even promising investment initiatives unprofitable.

In this regard, in addition to legal support for directly making investment transactions, it is important that responsible lawyers have an understanding of the functioning of the healthcare and pharmaceutical markets, as well as have the skills and practical experience in formulating an investment strategy and predicting possible legal risks that may arise in a delayed period time.

Legal services

  1. Legal advice on issues related to investing in healthcare and pharmaceuticals
  2. Legal support for the implementation of turnkey investment projects
  3. Legal support in negotiating with contractors and interacting with authorities
  4. Development and legal examination of investment contracts
  5. Preparation of draft agreements, contracts, agreements, statements and appeals and other documents necessary to accompany investments in healthcare and pharmaceuticals
  6. Preparation of legal opinions on issues arising from clients in the implementation of investment projects in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors

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