One of the activities of the BRACE Law Firm is the provision of legal services to enterprises engaged in retail trade: retailers, dealer networks, shops, owners of shopping centers and their tenants. We offer both comprehensive legal support for the activities of the trading company, and the development of documents and advice on certain issues.

The retail and retail sector is developing rapidly, which is facilitated by constantly changing consumer preferences and emerging new ways and ways of promoting goods. This raises the need not only for constant attention to legislative regulation in this sphere, but also for the need to develop effective legal solutions in view of the wide variety of situations that arise in the conduct of trading activities.

Therefore, lawyers specializing in retailing should constantly monitor changes in business models of this sector, assessing legal instruments from the point of view of their application in practice, in order to allow customers to act effectively and keep up with trends, while remaining within the legal framework and established jurisprudence.

Our specialists not only provide legal assistance, but also calculate the commercial consequences of the adoption of specific legal decisions.

Legal services

  1. Pre-trial and judicial resolution of conflicts with suppliers and consumers;
  2. Representing the interests of retail companies and their officials in public authorities, to counterparties, partners and consumers;
  3. Legal advice and participation in disputes over compliance with antimonopoly legislation in retail trade;
  4. Legal support of retail trade through the Internet;
  5. Preparing / legal analysis of contracts for the sale, purchase and lease of property for the purpose of trading;
  6. Preparing / legal analysis of contracts for the supply, storage and other contracts concluded in the conduct of trading activities;
  7. Participation in the resolution of issues related to the conclusion, modification, dissolution, the recognition of invalid supply contracts, including foreign economic ones;
  8. Advising on other issues in the retail industry.

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