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Comprehensive legal support for distribution companies, trade and dealer networks, as well as other trading companies.



One of the activities of BRACE Law Firm is the provision of legal services to distribution companies, trade and dealer networks, as well as other trading companies.

The activity of a trading enterprise has its own specifics, since in addition to the need to comply with general legal norms, it is imperative to comply with the requirements of trade and antitrust legislation, consumer protection legislation and other statutory requirements.

Despite the stage of economic development of the Russian economy, trading activities are in constant development, transforming to fit the realities of the market. In this regard, the legislation governing trade is also subject to numerous changes. This gives rise to the need for rapid adaptation of trading companies to changing market conditions.

In their activities, trading companies are faced with inspections by regulatory and supervisory authorities, as well as with the need to obtain special permits to trade in certain types of goods. Interaction with bodies vested with public authorities requires special knowledge in the field of the rights and obligations of a trading company, the powers of a particular authority, as well as experience in forming one's legal position in protecting the interests of a trade company.

Even with the conscientious implementation of trading activities, it is not uncommon for disputes arising from the conclusion, execution or termination of contracts with counterparties to arise. To assess judicial prospects, it is important to pay special attention to the pre-trial procedure for resolving a dispute and preparing the evidence base to confirm the arguments stated in the court.

A special place in the area of legal support for trading companies is occupied by legal assistance when working with organizations engaged in foreign economic activity, since such activities are subject to legal regulation by the customs authorities, as well as the rules of international trade and, in some cases, the legal norms of foreign states.

Federal Law No. 381-FZ of 28.12.2009 "On the Basics of State Regulation of Trade Activities in the Russian Federation" regulates general provisions regarding the rights and obligations of an economic entity carrying out trade activities, specifics of the placement of non-stationary trade objects, requirements for organizing fairs and selling goods (compliance works, services) on them and other issues, the observance of which is of great importance for trade organizations.

In addition to these issues, a trade organization may face conflict situations related to the work of its direct employees, as well as complaints from consumers with other issues requiring legal support.

The above factors affect the fact that in the activities of some trading companies, complex legal support is required, and in other cases, a one-time provision of legal services on certain issues is sufficient.

Most of these legal issues fall within the scope of BRACE.

Our experience

  1. Comprehensive legal support for the launch of an online store of English clothing in the Russian market, including a legal due diligence of the website for possible violations of the law with the preparation of recommendations, the development of a public offer, a policy for processing personal data, rules for the return of goods and funds
  2. Development of templates of distribution agreements for a large manufacturer of excipients for pharmaceutical production for the purpose of cooperation with local Russian distributors
  3. Legal due diligence and comprehensive legal support for the conclusion of a warehouse storage agreement for a large international FMCG company for trading in Russia
  4. Adaptation of trade policy for an international medical device manufacturer for the purpose of building contractual relations with Russian distributors
  5. Advising a large Russian FMCG network regarding restrictions imposed by trade and antimonopoly legislation in terms of expanding its presence in the region of the Russian Federation

Legal services

  1. Legal advice on trading activities
  2. Development of trade policies
  3. Antitrust Compliance
  4. Representation of interests in disputes with suppliers and buyers
  5. Legal support in resolving disputes on compliance with antimonopoly and trade laws in the implementation of trade
  6. Legal support of Internet trade
  7. Legal support of retail chains
  8. Development and legal analysis of contracts for the purpose of trading activities
  9. Due diligence for compliance with trade legislation
  10. Representation of interests in cases of administrative offenses in the implementation of commercial activities
  11. Consulting on other issues in the field of trading activities

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