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Legal services and comprehensive legal support for IT companies, telecommunications companies and other companies of TMT sector

Telecommunications and IT

The activity of the TMT sector poses a large number of legal questions for their owners regarding the development of regulatory documents, registration of relationships with founders, employees, customers, buyers, partners, as well as government and regulatory authorities. The services of lawyers specializing in information technology are also in demand among owners of Internet resources and entrepreneurs who have their own website or conduct business over the Internet.

In fact, business of any company in the technology, media and telecommunications sector is regulated by various legal norms of various branches and sub-branches of law: civil, labor, corporate, administrative, criminal, copyright, legislation on the protection of personal data, consumer protection, advertising, anti-corruption legislation (in some cases, not only by the norms of national law, but also by legal acts of transnational action), etc. There are also special legal acts regulating the activities of telecommunications companies, IT companies and organizations in the field of media.

Every day the regulators pay more and more attention to the development of information technologies, which is reflected in numerous changes in federal legislation.

Features of comprehensive legal support for IT companies, telecommunications companies

The main feature of the activity of companies in the TMT sector is that their activities concern many legal aspects. Many features of the legal support of organizations depend precisely on what type of company the TMT sector is (IT, media, telecommunication).

For example, the provision of telecommunications services requires a license, the activities of media companies may require registration as a mass media.

Any of the companies in the TMT sector is faced with the need to comply with the rules on the protection of copyright and intellectual property, as well as the regulation of legal relations when creating or acquiring rights to works, software and other results of intellectual activity.

In addition to the above, a rather significant role in the legal support of the activities of organizations in the TMT sector is played by support of contract work. Such as drafting various types of contracts (license agreements, service contracts, contracts for the promotion of goods/services, lease agreements, etc.), checking draft contracts submitted by counterparties, negotiating with counterparties, drawing up protocols of disagreements, legal support when changing the terms of contracts or termination of contracts.

With the development of Internet technologies, almost every company has a need to maintain its own site, which contains information about the organization, advertising materials, contracts are concluded (public offer), personal data of site users are collected, etc. In this regard, it becomes necessary to comply with all requirements legislation to the procedure for working on the Internet (for example, to the procedure for processing personal data, to the procedure for concluding public offer agreements, the procedure for collecting electronic payments, providing information about goods / works / services, the content of advertising materials, etc.).

Moreover, there are frequent precedents of disputable situations in the course of the activities of the TMT sector companies (claims from counterparties, inspections by authorized authorities, disputes related to participation in procurement, disputes in the field of copyright and intellectual property).

Thus, in addition to having knowledge of the content of the legally established requirements governing the activities of the TMT sector, it is extremely important to know the specifics of law enforcement practice and the skills of interaction with counterparties, control and supervisory authorities, and in some cases the practice of judicial representation.

The specialists of our company are highly qualified in this area and constantly monitor the current legislation in the field of information law. We are also well aware of all the intricacies of protecting trade secrets, intellectual property rights and personal data on the network.

Our experience

  1. Comprehensive protection of personal data collected by a Russian IT company, including the development of a policy for the protection of personal data, integration into agreements and contracts with employees and counterparties of provisions that ensure the protection of personal data and a number of other measures
  2. Development of a software distribution agreement for an American IT company in the Russian market
  3. Advising a Russian medical company on the organization of telemedicine medical care
  4. Comprehensive support for a South Korean IT company entering the Russian market
  5. Development and legal examination of contracts and agreements for a Russian IT company to protect confidential information and trade secrets

Legal services

  1. Intellectual property protection in IT and TMT sectors
  2. Protection of personal data in IT and TMT sectors, including the development of company policies for the protection of personal data, assessment of compliance with legislation on the protection of personal data
  3. Legal support of IT companies
  4. Legal support for media companies
  5. Legal support of telecommunication companies
  6. Development and legal analysis of contracts for IT-sector, including software distribution, IT outsourcing, distribution agreements, contracts for the creation and maintenance of websites, licensing, franchising contracts and others
  7. Legal support of Internet projects (including IT projects in finance, legal support of IT projects in life science)
  8. Legal support of online stores
  9. Development and legal examination of contracts and agreements to protect confidential information and commercial secrets
  10. Protection of honor, dignity and business reputation
  11. Participation in disputes related to trademarks and domain names

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