Telecommunications and IT

Telecommunications and IT

BRACE Law Firm renders legal services to IT companies, and also carries out legal support of Internet projects and start-ups in the field of information technologies.

The activities of IT companies, the creation of start-ups, always put before their owners a large number of legal issues related to the development of regulatory documents, registration of relationships with founders, employees, customers, buyers, partners, and state and regulatory bodies. Services of lawyers specializing in the field of information technology are also in demand among owners of Internet resources and entrepreneurs who have their own website or conduct business on the Internet.

The state is paying more and more attention to the development of information technologies every day, which is reflected in numerous changes in federal legislation. Specialists of our company have high qualification in this field and constantly monitor the current legislation in the field of information law. We are also well aware of all the subtleties of protection of trade secrets, intellectual rights and personal data on the web.

Legal services

We provide the following legal services:

  1. Preparing and legal analysis of contracts for IT outsourcing, distribution agreements, contracting agreements for the creation and maintenance of websites, licensing, franchising agreements and many others;
  2. Preparing and legal expertise of contracts and agreements for the protection of confidential information and trade secrets;
  3. Audit of the company for compliance with legislation on the protection of personal data, development of company policies for the protection of personal data;
  4. Protection of honor, dignity and business reputation in the network;
  5. Legal support of Internet projects and start-ups;
  6. Structuring the business of IT companies (choosing the jurisdiction for the placement of the ownership structure, optimal contractual relationships within the company and with its counterparties);
  7. Participation in disputes related to trademarks and domain names;
  8. Conducting consultations to assess the legal risks of Internet projects and start-ups;
  9. Development of options for the organizational, legal, contractual and tax model of Internet projects and start-ups;
  10. Advising on payment, delivery of goods, claims by buyers, customers, software developers;
  11. Judicial protection of interests of operators of Internet shops in disputes with buyers and customers.

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