Antitrust law

Antitrust law

Legislation on the protection of competition makes a number of requirements on how to organize the activities of companies, and not only those that occupy a significant position in the Russian market. Risks of non-compliance with antimonopoly legislation are very significant: from significant amounts of fines to bringing officials to criminal liability.

In this regard, almost any company in its activities have to take into account the requirements of the antimonopoly legislation. To rid itself of the risks of accusation of illegal restriction of competition and monopolistic activities, to prevent damage to its business reputation, to provide pre-trial and judicial protection of its interests in case of an antimonopoly dispute with the FAS Russia or with competitors, such companies need qualified legal support.

Variability of the legal norms of the antimonopoly legislation requires an individual approach to each client.

Providing legal services in the field of antitrust law is one of the areas of practice of the BRACE Law Firm. We have practical experience in supporting litigation in matters of antimonopoly regulation, as well as protecting clients' interests during antimonopoly inspections conducted by the antimonopoly authorities and obtaining preliminary approvals of transactions by the antimonopoly body.

Legal services

  1. Legal advice on the application of antitrust legislation;
  2. Legal advice on the application of legislation on trading activities in the context of restrictions on antitrust legislation;
  3. Elaboration of policies and other documents aimed at compliance with antimonopoly legislation;
  4. Legal support of the coordination of transactions with the antimonopoly body (within the control over economic concentration, control over foreign investments, etc.);
  5. Representation of interests in cases in the Federal antimonopoly service;
  6. Appealing decisions and orders of the antitrust service in a court;
  7. Representation of interests in a court on other disputes related to violation of antitrust legislation.

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