Consulting on the application of antimonopoly legislation

Consulting on the application of antimonopoly legislation

In today's realities, antimonopoly legislation and the antimonopoly policy conducted on its basis are one of the most important means of state regulation of the economy.

The tasks of the antimonopoly legislation of Russia are:

  1. supporting competition;
  2. ensuring freedom of economic activity in the territory of Russia;
  3. control over economic entities that occupy a dominant position in the market;
  4. suppression of monopolistic activities, as well as unfair competition in commodity markets;
  5. control over pricing;
  6. creation of conditions for effective functioning of commodity markets;
  7. assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises and protection of their interests;
  8. protection of consumer interests.
  9. At the same time, the regulatory function of FAS Russia is increasingly manifested every year. It involves regulating the activities of economic entities that have reached a certain level of business development (for example, the purchase of large assets, the conclusion of distribution agreements, the introduction of bonuses and discounts, advertising campaigns, etc.). The economic activities of such an enterprise should be carried out in compliance with antimonopoly legislation, violation of norms and provisions of which threatens with serious administrative and commercial risks. To the company and its officials can be applied at least fines, and as a maximum - criminal sanctions.

    To avoid this, it is necessary to have information about the current changes not only in the antimonopoly legislation, but also about the trends that arise when considering judicial and administrative disputes in this area. In this regard, it is very timely to contact qualified specialists for advice.

    In conditions of unstable law enforcement practice, it is important to prevent violations of the antimonopoly legislation, minimize their negative consequences, and also protect violated rights and interests. When preparing answers to questions from our clients, we are guided not only by the provisions of laws and by-laws, but also by official explanations of the antimonopoly and other bodies, while relying on the broad practice of handling complaints on similar disputable cases in FAS Russia and its territorial bodies, in arbitration courts.

    Legal services

    We provide the following legal services:

    1. advising and protecting the client in cooperation with the antimonopoly authorities;
    2. advising on compliance with the law on the protection of competition;
    3. advising on issues related to the prohibition of abuse of dominant position and the prohibition of agreements restricting competition;
    4. advising on the application of advertising legislation;
    5. advising on the structuring of transactions of economic concentration, including international mergers and acquisitions, and when investing in companies of strategic importance;
    6. advising on the application of trade law;
    7. advising on the activities of natural monopolies;
    8. consulting on issues related to the structure of management and business ownership - the creation of holding structures and groups of companies;
    9. legal audit and support of commercial advertising campaigns;
    10. advising on the provision of state aid.

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