Legal support for the application of legislation on trading activities

Legal support for the application of legislation on trading activities

Trade activity is regulated by Federal Law No. 381-FZ of December 28, 2009 "On the Basics of State Regulation of Trade Activities in the Russian Federation", which covers relations between state authorities, local governments and economic entities, and between economic entities in connection with the organization and implementation of trading activities. As trading entities are trading houses, shopping centers, retailers, shops and other retail facilities, leading both wholesale and retail trade.

Wholesale and retail trade covers all areas of activity in the modern economy. Often companies find it difficult to monitor all changes in legislation, which can lead to problems with government bodies, counterparties and business partners. The specificity of trading activity lies in its complexity and does not do without contracts, claims, and often even courts. The variety of situations that arise in the conduct of trading activities, calls for the development of flexible and effective legal solutions.

Competent legal support of the company's trading activities will help to ensure:

    1. minimization of legal and financial risks;
    2. increase of efficiency of activity;
    3. improvement of long-term profitability indicators;
    4. protection of the interests of its owners.

The BRACE Law Firm has extensive experience in law enforcement practice in the field of commercial activities and provides legal support for the activities of enterprises both wholesale and retail.

Legal services

We provide the following services to business entities that conduct trading activities:

      1. verbal and written advice on legal issues arising in the organization and conduct of trading activities in the context of compliance with antitrust laws;
      2. preparation and approval of contracts, analysis and examination of previously concluded contracts for compliance with legislation and identification of contractual risks, development of additional agreements in order to reduce antimonopoly risks;
      3. participation in court proceedings in case of violation of antimonopoly legislation in the conduct of trading activities.

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