Litigation and Dispute resolution

The scope of litigation and dispute resolution requires a lot of experience, as well as a thorough knowledge of the current procedural legislation. This is especially important in the period of global changes in the judicial system and the current procedural legislation.

Litigation and Dispute resolution

Sphere of dispute resolution and litigation requires solid experience and deep knowledge of current procedural legislation. Especially it is important in the period global changes in procedural legislation and court system. Reform of judicial system, evolution of judicial procedure, including changes concerning cassational and supervisory proceedings, impose on litigators obligation to be alert to all changes and understand them.

We maintain awareness and understand all problems of different kinds of disputes because regularly represent clients' interests in courts. The only constant practice allows to keep abreast of all legislative changes.

Our lawyers deal with a range of disputes, including corporate disputes, defamation disputes, debt collection, litigation, concerning IP rights, consumer rights protection, antitrust disputes, legal arguments connected with state procurement, disputes concerning real estate and construction, insurance disputes, banking disputes, in particular arising from credit contract, bank deposit agreement, bank account agreement and other contracts with banks, tax custom and other commercial disputes.

Our Russian Law Office is characterized by effective and constructive approach in challenging situations. For this purpose, we make deep analysis of case papers, elaborating favorite plan, because strategic mistakes cannot be compensated by tactical successes. Therefore, from the very beginning legal reasoning should be well elaborated to effective dispute resolution. After the right choice of ways of legal defense we make every effort to achieve the goal.

Legal services

Within practice "Dispute resolution and litigation" BRACE Law Firm renders the following services:

  1. Legal analysis of the risks of disputes and undertaking of preventive measures;
  2. Analysis of possibilities to resolve disputes, as well as the prospects for litigation in a particular dispute;
  3. Representation of interests in pre-trial (claim) order;
  4. Full administration of judicial cases in various courts;
  5. Coordination in several parallel proceedings;
  6. Legal assistance in collecting and requisitioning the necessary proofs;
  7. Legal assistance in administrative cases;
  8. Maintenance of enforcement proceedings;
  9. Preparation and maintenance of conclusion of amicable agreements concluded at various stages of the trial.

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