Litigation and Dispute resolution

Legal services (legal assistance) to represent interests in arbitration courts, courts of general jurisdiction and commercial arbitrations, as well as other dispute resolution bodies

Litigation and Dispute resolution

The principal legal practice of BRACE Law Firm is litigation and dispute resolution. We face with various types of cases at different stages of resolution, including pre-trial and trial. Our advantage is the extensive experience in case management in courts, specialized expertise and a well-coordinated team of lawyers.

Features associated with the different disputes require an individual approach to each specific case and careful legal analysis. We work with different categories of disputes, including disputes related to state and corporate procurement, disputes related to real estate and/or construction, contract disputes, debt collection, antitrust disputes, corporate disputes, disputes regarding the protection of business reputation, insurance disputes and other.

Judicial reform, changes of the procedure of legal proceedings and other changes impose on judicial lawyers the obligation to know and understand these changes, and require more professional expertise. We follow and understand the complexity of all features of the consideration of various categories of commercial disputes because we constantly practice and represent interests of our clients in various courts. Only constant practice allows you to keep abreast with such a frequent change in procedural legislation.

Our lawyers are characterized by an effective and constructive approach even in the most difficult situations. For this purpose, before choosing of the method for legal protection, we conduct a deep analysis of the case materials, developing the most correct plan of action, because strategic errors cannot be compensated by tactical successes, and from the very beginning, there should be the plan and strategy of a legal position for effective settlement of the dispute. After choosing the right method for legal protection, we act with maximum efforts to achieve the intended result.

Types of disputes

  1. Contractual disputes
  2. Antitrust Disputes
  3. Land disputes
  4. Corporate Disputes
  5. Disputes in public and corporate procurement
  6. Disputes on contesting non-normative legal acts, decisions and actions (inaction)
  7. Intellectual Property Disputes
  8. Debt collection disputes
  9. Disputes regarding the enforcement of decisions of foreign courts
  10. Disputes arising from bringing an economic entity to administrative responsibility
  11. Disputes for protection of cultural property
  12. Real Estate Disputes
  13. Disputes in the field of transportation and freight forwarding
  14. Debt collection disputes
  15. Claims for damages
  16. Bankruptcy Cases
  17. Compensation disputes
  18. Disputes on non-performance or improper performance of contractual obligations
  19. Administrative Disputes
  20. Disputes regarding invalidation of transactions
  21. Disputes on loan and credit agreements
  22. Disputes involving foreign companies
  23. Environmental disputes

Our experience

  1. Assistance to a subsidiary of an international pharmaceutical distributor of medicinal products and excipients in the pre-trial stage and in the process of litigation in an arbitration court in collecting debt for the supply of medicines and penalties from a Russian distributor. As a result of the dispute, more than 50 million rubles of the principal debt and a penalty of more than 30 million rubles were collected in favor of the client.
  2. Protecting the interests of a manufacturer of oilfield service equipment within the framework of the pre-trial stage in a dispute over the payment of arrears for the equipment supplied. As a result, the dispute was settled out of court and the debt of 301 million rubles was paid.
  3. Advising an international manufacturer of pharmaceutical substances in relation to the proceedings before the International Arbitration Court at the Austrian Economic Chamber in Vienna under the Vienna Rules on non-performance of a foreign trade contract.
  4. Successful challenge of the arbitration clause contained in the sublease agreement, which prevented judicial protection in the arbitration court of the Russian Federation, and collection of the debt in full.
  5. Representing a Danish manufacturer in a dispute with a Russian distributor on debt collection under a distribution agreement. The principal debt and the penalty accrued for more than 2 years were recovered in full. Additionally, after the consideration of the dispute, court costs were collected, incl. expenses for the provision of legal services.
  6. Successful challenging of the resolution and order of the antimonopoly authority issued following the consideration of a complaint about illegal actions of the customer in the procurement of prescription drugs for state needs.
  7. Protecting the interests of the international pharmaceutical manufacturer in a dispute with a Russian partner regarding the status of the owner (holder) of a registration certificate. The dispute was settled at the stage of claims settlement.

Legal services

  1. Legal analysis of documents and other evidence submitted by a client regarding different the dispute
  2. Advising by lawyers of BRACE Law Firm on the prospects for trial and/or pre-trial settlement of a dispute
  3. Drafting and submission of a pre-trial claim (if a mandatory pre-trial procedure is provided or the submission of a pre-trial claim is necessary for other reasons)
  4. Development of a strategy and tactics for protecting a client in a court
  5. Collection, preparation and retrieval of evidence for a court case
  6. Preparation and filing of a statement of claim (application) and other procedural documents on a judicial dispute
  7. Representation of interests, case management in court by lawyers of BRACE Law Firm and performing all other necessary procedural actions
  8. Coordination in several parallel cases
  9. Legal assistance in administrative cases
  10. Preparation and support of the conclusion of settlement agreements concluded at various stages of the trial
  11. Appeal of judicial acts in courts of appeal, cassation and supervisory court
  12. Legal support of enforcement proceedings
  13. Other legal assistance in court cases

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