Investment Protections Disputes

Legal representation in court on investment disputes, including disputes on investment contracts

Litigation and Dispute resolution

Investments are understood as cash, securities, other property, including property rights, other rights having a monetary value, invested in objects of entrepreneurial and (or) other activities in order to make a profit and (or) achieve another beneficial effect.

Investment relations are regulated by the norms of such branches of law as civil law, administrative law, labor law, international law (when attracting foreign investment), etc. Legal relations related to the implementation of investment projects often require interaction with state authorities and / or local authorities, more often they are associated with such important areas of the economy as construction, the use of natural resources, the circulation of securities, agriculture, and subsoil use. In addition, investment relations may be complicated by a foreign element. Investment contracts, as a rule, have a very high cost and terms of their execution, and are also long in time. In this regard, the resolution of disputes on the conclusion, amendment, execution or termination of investment contracts, as well as other disputes related to the implementation of investment projects, require a detailed study of the prospects for resolving the dispute.

As a general rule, investment disputes should be considered by arbitration courts operating on the territory of the Russian Federation, unless the agreement provides for the consideration of the dispute in the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation or the agreement provides for other conditions corresponding to the current legislation that determine the court, adjudicating the dispute.

For investment disputes arising from the conclusion, execution and termination of contracts, it is mandatory to comply with the claim procedure for settling the dispute with the submission to the court of evidence of the direction of the claim to the defendant.

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