Legal Representation in the Supreme Court

Legal services (legal assistance) for representation in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation

Litigation and Dispute resolution

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation is the highest judicial body for civil cases, cases of resolving economic disputes, criminal, administrative and other cases, jurisdictional courts, formed under the Federal Constitutional Law “On the Judicial System of the Russian Federation” and federal laws.

The Supreme Court considers the cases referred to its jurisdiction as a court of first instance and according to new or newly discovered circumstances.

The Supreme Court exercises judicial supervision over the activities of the courts formed by considering civil cases, cases of resolving economic disputes, criminal, administrative and other cases within the jurisdiction of these courts, as a court of supervisory authority, as well as within its competence as a court of appeal and cassation

Often, when lower courts make decisions that violate the rights of one of the parties, it becomes necessary to appeal to the last instance, the judicial act of which will be decisive. This category of disputes is always of particular interest not only for the parties to the case, but also for other persons, since the judicial acts actually issued by the Supreme Court have a key influence on the subsequent formation of judicial practice.

Proceedings in the Supreme Court of Russia

An application to the Supreme Court and other documents may be submitted to the court on paper or in electronic form, including in the form of an electronic document signed with an electronic signature.

When applying to the Supreme Court through a representative, the representative must confirm the presence of a higher legal education or the status of a lawyer.

In an application for appealing a judicial act issued by lower courts, it is necessary to indicate what the significant violations of substantive law or procedural law norms committed by the courts that influenced the outcome of the case are, with arguments testifying to such violations.

Before applying to the Supreme Court, it is necessary to assess the judicial prospects, taking into account the current legislation and law enforcement practice.

Before choosing the means and method of legal protection, we conduct an in-depth analysis of the case materials and form an action plan, since from the very beginning a plan and strategy for a legal position in a court case that is subject to consideration by the Russian Supreme Court must be formed.


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