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Pre-trial settlement of a dispute can be carried out in various ways. Often, the use of the necessary procedures makes it possible to prevent further delay in the resolution of the dispute with the incurring of significant losses by its participants.

According to the Federal Law of June 27, 2010 No. 193-FZ “On an alternative procedure for resolving disputes with the participation of a mediator (mediation procedure)”, the mediation procedure is understood as a method of resolving disputes with the assistance of a mediator (an independent person or independent persons involved by the parties as mediators in resolving a dispute to assist in the development of a decision by the parties on the merits of the dispute) on the basis of the voluntary consent of the parties in order to achieve a mutually acceptable solution.

Procedures for pre-trial settlement of mediation are used in the recovery of debts, compensation, damage, determining the regime for the use of common property, concluding and executing contracts, corporate disputes, etc.

Actions for pre-trial settlement of the dispute include drawing up and sending a claim to counterparties, negotiating, concluding additional agreements and other actions. The procedure for conducting the mediation procedure is established by the agreement on conducting the mediation procedure.

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