International Trade Law

Legal support for foreign economic activity and international trade, customs law

International trade law and foreign investments

One of the key areas of practice of the BRACE Law Firm is legal support of companies that conduct international trade activities and investments.

Foreign economic activity is one of the most difficult types of activity from the point of view of regulation, including many features of drawing up and concluding a foreign economic contract, export and import operations, currency control, export control.

International trade activity is an activity related to the execution of transactions in the field of foreign trade in goods, services, information and intellectual property.

A large number of sanctions imposed on Russia led to a significant restructuring of foreign economic chains of interaction between companies. With this in mind, the issues of legal regulation of international trade activities and foreign trade in goods, services, information and intellectual property are particularly relevant.

Our experience

  1. Development of templates for foreign trade contracts for an international pharmaceutical company with a detailed regulation of all delivery methods according to Incoterms
  2. Comprehensive legal support under the law of the EAEU in the context of the implementation of the construction of a plant on the territory of Kazakhstan with the preparation of draft necessary contracts and other accompanying documentation
  3. Legal due diligence of an investment project for the construction of a large shopping center in the Moscow Region in the interests of a Russian development company
  4. Legal advice on investing in the construction of a pharmaceutical production and concluding a special investment contract for a large international pharmaceutical company
  5. Legal support in the opening of a representative office of a major international developer of a legal entity on the territory of the Russian Federation

Foreign Trade Lawyers

Foreign economic relations are characterized by versatility, which is determined by the peculiarities of both the economic policy of states and the established legal system for regulating foreign economic activity. This requires deep specialization of lawyers in the field of private international law, knowledge in the field of foreign legislation.

In particular, the implementation of foreign economic activity is accompanied by the preparation of a large volume of contracts and the performance of other legally significant actions that have a significant impact on economic results. In this regard, it is imperative to pay attention to the issue of the interconnectedness of transactions and their compliance with all applicable legal norms of a particular state and international law, since the contradictions made can lead to serious losses for business and other negative consequences. No less important is the settlement of the interests of the participating entities, taking into account all possible options for the further development of legal relations between them.

Thus, the implementation of any trade operations, foreign economic activity and the implementation of investment projects within the framework of international cooperation of economic entities always represent a complex structure of legal relations affecting various branches of law and requiring knowledge of the norms of not only Russian law, but also the peculiarities of the legal regime of foreign states, as well as international law. In the legal support of the activities of subjects of international trade and investment, an integrated approach to the implementation of the tasks set is important, as well as an analysis of law enforcement practice in relation to certain legal norms to be applied.

Legal services

    Support for foreign economic activity (foreign economic activity)
  1. Drafting and legal expertise of foreign trade contracts
  2. Legal support under the law of the Eurasian Economic Union
  3. Legal expertise of compliance of transactions and trading operations with international requirements and restrictions
  4. Conducting disputes related to foreign economic activity
  5. Representation of interests in the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation Recognition and enforcement of awards of international commercial arbitration courts and awards of foreign state courts
  6. Due diligence of an investment project with the participation of foreign investments (foreign entities)
  7. Preparation and legal expertise of documents for the implementation of the investment project
  8. Participation in negotiations at the conclusion of a foreign economic transaction
  9. Assessment of tax and customs risks in foreign economic activity
  10. Currency control consulting
  11. Legal support for importers
  12. Legal support of export
  13. Representation of interests in the customs authorities
  14. Litigation in the export and import of goods
  15. Advice on customs law (customs control, determination and confirmation of the customs value of goods, classification of goods, selection and compliance with the terms of the customs procedure, assessment and minimization of customs risks and other issues)
  16. Legal support in customs control procedures

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