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Legal support for the import of goods, legal services for importers

legal support under the law of the eurasian economic union

The import of goods from one country to another, in addition to filling the necessary demand of the consumer, also affects the economic growth of the country. Often, the economy of a particular country is not able to meet the annually growing demand of consumers for all the goods they need. In this regard, part of the goods to meet consumer demand must be imported from other countries. At the same time, the import of goods can be associated with both finished products and inpidual parts and components necessary for the production of certain goods.

Import is the supply and delivery into the country of goods that were produced outside its borders for sale in the domestic market. Until recently, many Western producers of goods were interested in importing goods to Russia, which required certain knowledge in the field of importing goods to Russia. As in any other type of foreign economic activity, an important component of import is knowledge of the requirements of international legislation in the field of foreign economic activity, the legislation of the importing country and Russian legislation. Often, without experience in the international market, it can be quite difficult to independently understand all the intricacies of foreign trade legislation.

The procedure for importing goods can be pided into several main stages:

  1. Choice of goods.

  2. Research of the competitive market for the import.

  3. Negotiating, agreeing on the main positions and conditions for the import of goods.

  4. Supplier verification.

  5. Determination of the code according to the classification of the Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity.

  6. Conclusion of a foreign economic contract.

  7. Delivery.

  8. Logistic support.

  9. Customs clearance.

  10. Payment for the goods and compliance with the norms of currency control.

  11. Other issues arising from an international transaction.

However, questions such as:

  1. What documents do you need to obtain in order to import goods into Russia (certification, declaration of conformity)?

  2. What documents need to be drawn up and submitted for the unimpeded import of goods into the territory of the Russian Federation (foreign trade contract, invoice, transport document, packing list)?

  3. How is the customs clearance procedure carried out?

Do not forget about the financial side of the issue, for the import of imported goods it will be necessary to pay the following payments to the state:

  1. Customs duty.

  2. Customs levies.

  3. Taxes.

  4. Excises, etc.

Additional costs for the import of goods will be transportation costs, cargo insurance, registration of permits customs documents.

Legal support includes not only advisory assistance, which can be provided both orally and in writing, but also the full conduct of an import foreign trade transaction, from checking a counterparty and concluding a contract, to complete customs clearance of goods.

Due to the complexity of the customs legislation, most entrepreneurs decide to transfer the execution of operations on the issues of registration and legal support of imports to qualified specialists, thereby minimizing the possibility of violating one or another legislation in the field of importing goods. Legal support of import by a qualified specialist plays an important role in entrepreneurial activity. A well-written contract, taking into account all the requirements of international and Russian legislation, determines the main terms of the transaction, possible risks, mandatory payments, customs clearance, foreign exchange obligations, as well as other important details of a foreign economic contract.

In order for the goods to be imported into Russia, it is necessary to carry out customs clearance of the goods, which is understood as a set of legally significant measures for the movement of goods across the border. The main task of customs clearance is the registration, accounting and confirmation of the legality of the movement of goods across the border of Russia.

Before the goods enter the trade turnover on the territory of Russia, upon arrival, they enter a specially designated area, which is called a temporary storage warehouse. In this place, the goods are stored until all the necessary documents for import are issued.

It should be noted that there are a lot of subtleties of importing goods. At the same time, it is important to understand that it is not worth neglecting the requirements established by law, since the consequences can be not only financially costly, but also entail a number of serious legal consequences.

Complicated issues when importing goods can be, for example, the declaration of imported goods. Considering that the legislation establishes a large number of requirements for the customs clearance of goods, even an experienced entrepreneur can make a mistake in the preparation of documents, this may be due to changes in legislation, sanctions restrictions, and the inability to quickly adapt to changing realities.

We should not forget about the liability that comes for violation of customs legislation. However, the support of the importer by a qualified customs lawyer will reduce the risks of violating this or that legislation, receive the imported goods on time, it is guaranteed that all necessary documents will be competently and quickly processed, from the conclusion of a foreign economic contract to customs clearance. Legal support will allow shifting the main difficulties of independent conduct of foreign economic activity to a qualified experienced lawyer.

Legal services

  1. Advising foreign trade participants on the import of goods

  2. Comprehensive support for the import of goods

  3. Interaction with customs and regulatory authorities

  4. Documentation of import of goods

  5. Representing the interests on the import of goods

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