Legal Support of Export

Advising participants on export issues, support of customs procedures

legal support under the law of the eurasian economic union

The foreign economic activity of the country as a whole is inextricably linked with the export of various goods to other countries. In accordance with the Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union, the customs procedure for export is a customs procedure applicable to goods of the EAEU, according to which such goods are exported from the customs territory of the Union for permanent residence outside it. The export of goods is closely related to the foreign economic activity of the country as a whole; the economic development of the country and the receipt of income to the state budget and entrepreneurs participating in the export of goods depend on the number of exported goods.

Despite the fact that the export of goods, for the most part, is carried out by entrepreneurs, the state exercises control over this type of activity in terms of currency and customs legislation. At the same time, in the current sanctioned conditions of activity, the state restricts the export of certain goods from the territory of the Russian Federation, introducing a direct ban on the export of specific types of goods. Such a temporary measure allows you to regulate the availability of vital goods in the country of origin.

Despite the restriction and control by the state, export stimulates the growth of production of goods and services, is a source of replenishment of the budget, accelerates GDP growth, and in economically and politically calm times increases the inflow of foreign investment.

In order to become a competitive participant in foreign economic activity, it is necessary to develop a key strategy for entering the international market for goods and services. To participate in foreign economic activity, it is not enough to simply produce goods, it is important to correctly draw up the necessary documentation, including a foreign economic contract and customs documents, determine the target segment of future buyers, form and launch the necessary logistics, and organize settlements in foreign currency. Often, to start exporting goods from the country, entrepreneurs go through several stages of preparation before entering the foreign economic market:

  1. Preparation of goods for export to Russia. This section includes both the production of the product itself, and marketing research of the market, negotiations.

  2. Passage of procedures for compliance of the goods with the requirements (GOST, TU, certification, etc.).

  3. Preparation of documents for the export of goods.

  4. Customs clearance and customs control.

As for the legal support of exports to Russia, it is worth noting that it is important not only to know the regulatory framework for foreign economic activity, but also to have experience in conducting international export transactions, and taking into account rapidly changing legislation, it is also important to quickly respond to changes introduced by the legislator. In addition, it is important to remember that each foreign jurisdiction has its own established rules for the import of goods into Russia. In this regard, before concluding a foreign trade contract, you must familiarize yourself with these rules.

It is customary to refer to the legal support of export:

  1. Advising participants in foreign economic activity on the export of goods and services.

  2. Preparation of a foreign economic contract.

  3. Calculation of customs duties.

  4. Documentation of export operations.

  5. Interaction with customs authorities, responses to requests from regulatory authorities.

  6. Insurance of cargo moved across the border.

A customs lawyer can provide services for legal support of export operations, both in a complex and in separate blocks, necessary for a participant in foreign economic activity. Such consultations can be carried out in written and oral form, depending on the needs of the foreign trade participant.

The export of goods is one of the components of foreign economic activity, the lack of export leads to a slowdown in economic growth, a decrease in GDP, etc. In this regard, in the conditions of an unstable world economic situation, the state, for its part, supports entrepreneurs in relation to export customs procedures, for example:

  1. Provides concessional loans and government guarantees.

  2. Tries to simplify the cargo clearance procedure.

  3. Minimizes administrative hurdles.

  4. Carries out insurance of risks, investments, credit obligations, etc.

Registration and receipt of state support is also associated with the legal assistance of a qualified specialist, because a positive result depends on the correctness of the preparation of documents for obtaining state support.

Comprehensive legal support for export operations by one specialist has the following advantages:

  1. A full range of services for the introduction of export customs procedures.

  2. An inpidual approach to each client, the absence of template solutions to the issue.

  3. Registration of all necessary documents, including foreign economic contract and customs documents.

  4. Solving all issues related to the export of goods and services.

  5. Inpidual support by a qualified specialist.

Regardless of the decision made, whether to receive comprehensive export support or consult on a specific issue, legal export support is an important component of a foreign economic transaction. This is due not only to accompanying exports in general, but also to minimizing possible adverse consequences for a participant in foreign economic activity.

Legal services

  1. Advising traders on export issues

  2. Negotiating export deals

  3. Preparation of an export international contract

  4. Checking the counterparty when exporting goods

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