Preparation and legal expertise of documents for the implementation of the investment project

preparation and legal expertise of documents for the implementation of the investment project

According to the Federal Law of 25 February 1999 N 39-FZ “On investment activity in the Russian Federation, carried out in the form of capital investments, an investment project”, an investment project is a rationale for the economic feasibility, volume and timing of capital investments, including the necessary project documentation developed in accordance with the legislation of Russia, as well as a description of practical actions to make investments (business plan).

A significant number of business entities have an internal audit service on their staff that allows for a preliminary analysis of the attractiveness of investment projects and/or direct preparation of key documents for the implementation of such projects.

However, attracting foreign investment requires knowledge of the specifics of applying the norms of Russian legislation, the legislation of a foreign state, as well as the norms of international law in order to properly assess the possibilities of the project with a positive economic result.

In this regard, it is important to involve qualified lawyers in the preparation of documents necessary for the implementation of the investment project. Or, passing the legal examination of already prepared documents (for example, agreements of intent, investment contracts, other agreements and contracts necessary for the implementation of an investment project) in order to minimize the risks that the authorized authorities recognize such documents as non-compliant with legislation and, as a result, invalidate them and/or bringing to responsibility the participants of the investment project. Involving lawyers to prepare documents or conducting this legal audit in many ways helps to prevent potential conflicts and disputes between investors and optimizes implementation processes.

Law firm BRACE provides legal services for the direct preparation and examination of all types of documents directly related to the implementation of the investment project. These legal services may include:

Legal services

  1. drafting of agreements of intentions in preparation for the launch of an investment project, as well as preparation of investment contracts and other documents for the conclusion of transactions related to the implementation of projects;
  2. legal support of interaction with authorized authorities and organizations on issues related to the management of the investment project;
  3. preparation of detailed legal opinions on the results of the examination with the possibility of making appropriate additions and changes to the documents submitted for analysis (if necessary);
  4. presentation of conclusions drawn from the results of a prepared legal opinion with representation of the client’s interests in negotiations with partners;
  5. consulting of investors (potential investors).

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