Legal support of commercial activities

Legal support and legal services to Russian and foreign companies on various issues of commercial activity and doing business

Legal support of commercial activities

BRACE Law Firm renders legal support of the commercial activities of companies with various forms and scales of business, ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to large holding structures.

To solve the tasks in the process of doing business, it is necessary to know the legislative norms in the field of business law, which is in touch with civil, administrative, antimonopoly, international law and other branches of law. But most importantly, we need knowledge and expertise in the field of legal regulation that regulates the direction in which business is directly conducted.

Implementation of commercial activities without taking into account regulatory changes, relevant laws (as well as in the case of incorrect interpretation of legal norms) almost always leads to unexpected problems and losses, often serious ones. A suitable solution in this situation is the legal support of competent specialists, which will help to save your company from possible problems while running a business or minimize the risks of their occurrence.

In the process of providing legal support services, our specialists take into account the specifics of the client's business, proceeding from the main goal of entrepreneurial activity – to extract the maximum profit with a minimum of possible losses. This approach allows us not only to accompany the client's commercial activities, but also helps to establish interaction with regulatory bodies. We also take into account the risks of not only financial and material losses, but also other losses (for example, reputation and time) and we try to protect the client from them.

Legal support can be carried out in the following formats at the client's choice:

  1. Outsourcing of the legal function with a monthly subscription fee;
  2. Periodic recruitment of specialists on an hourly or fixed basis;
  3. Attraction of lawyers for the decision of separate problems with payment for result.

Our specialists have extensive practical experience in supporting the commercial activities of organizations, which allows us to effectively provide services regardless of the scope of business and the complexity of the tasks assigned. We render services both to companies that do not have a lawyer in the state, and to assist the company's legal services in solving non-core tasks for them.

Legal services

We offer the following services for the legal support of commercial activities:

  1. Preparing and legal expertise of contracts, participation in the negotiation process when concluding, amending and terminating contracts;
  2. Preparing of documents for the protection of confidential information, compliance with legislation regarding the circulation of various information;
  3. Preparing and legal expertize of documents aimed at compliance with anti-corruption legislation;
  4. Legal support of foreign companies in Russia;
  5. Development and bringing into line with the legislation of internal policies and other local acts;
  6. Legal support of Internet trading;
  7. Development and analysis of documentation governing promotion of goods, marketing campaigns;
  8. Legal support in the field of personal data protection;
  9. Other business issues of organizations.

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