Legal support of foreign companies in Russia

Legal support of foreign companies in Russia

Foreign companies are legal entities established in accordance with the legislation of foreign countries operating in Russia (including through branches and representative offices of such companies accredited in Russia) and companies incorporated according to Russian law.

In connection with the development of international economic relations of particular relevance is the conduct of foreign organizations of economic activities in Russia. Such activities may relate to various sectors of the economy, which requires a special approach to resolving a number of legal issues that may arise from a foreign company when deciding to begin operations in Russia, as well as when interacting with Russian legal entities and state authorities.

In particular, a foreign company in the course of its activities on the territory of Russia is confronted with such legal issues to be resolved as:

  1. accreditation as a branch or representative office;
  2. preparation of documents for empowering representatives of a foreign company selected by an organization to represent its interests on the territory of the Russian Federation;
  3. registration of real estate, located on the territory of Russia in the property/lease or on other real rights;
  4. conclusion of contracts with Russian counterparties;
  5. interaction with customs authorities;
  6. translation, notarization of the translation or apostilization of documents prepared in a foreign language;
  7. protection of interests of a foreign company out of court;
  8. protection of interests in the courts, including the protection of economic interests in disputes with participants in civil law relations, as well as the protection of intellectual rights.

All of these issues require the availability of knowledge and practical experience related to the legal support of foreign organizations. In addition to having knowledge of Russian legislation, a thorough study of the norms of international law is necessary, as well as an understanding of the fundamentals of the legislation of a foreign state that is the place of origin of a foreign company.

Legal services

BRACE Law Firm provides the following services for the legal support of the activities of foreign companies in Russia:

  1. legalization of the activities of a foreign company on the territory of the Russian Federation (legal support for the accreditation and state registration of a branch or representative office of a foreign legal entity, and, if necessary, legal support for obtaining licenses for certain types of activities);
  2. provision of legal support in planning measures to facilitate compliance with Russian anti-corruption legislation;
  3. support of investment projects with due diligence procedures;
  4. development of business strategies in Russia;
  5. development and legal expertise of planned contracts with negotiating with counterparties and assistance in resolving possible disputes;
  6. representing the interests of foreign companies in cooperation with the licensing bodies for certain types of economic activities, the Federal Antitrust Service and its territorial offices, notary offices, etc.;
  7. advising foreign pharmaceutical companies planning duration on the territory of Russia;
  8. representation of interests of a foreign company in court instances on such issues as representation of interests in disputes with other companies acting under the law of Russia; protection of interests of a foreign company in disputes with state authorities, etc.

Brochure of BRACE Law Firm on legal support of foreign companies in Russia

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