Preparation and alignment with the law internal policies and other local acts according to Russian law

Preparation and alignment with the law internal policies and other local acts according to Russian law

Local regulation is an internal document of the employer, designed to be repeatedly applied and establishes the rights and obligations of an organization, all or certain categories of its employees, to the extent not regulated by labor legislation.

One of the most important local legal acts is such a relatively new look as domestic policy. If earlier the internal policy was developed mainly for credit institutions and large companies, now the development of internal policies within small organizations has become particularly relevant.

Internal policy substitutes a set of basic rules governing key activities of the organization, defining its main goals and objectives. It is from this document that the quality of company management and the economic indicators of its activities depend.

Also to the main local acts include:

  1. acts relating to the performance by employees of their work functions. For example, labor protection regulations;
  2. acts regulating the specifics of protecting information (a provision on the protection of confidential information, a provision on the protection of personal data);
  3. internal company policies;
  4. provisions on compliance with anti-corruption legislation;
  5. codes of ethics for employees;
  6. acts relating to the certification of workplaces and other local acts.

All of these local legal acts are essential for building the relationship between the employee and the employer. Moreover, these local acts must necessarily comply with the requirements of the labor legislation of Russia, and in some cases, some provisions of international law (in the presence of relations complicated by a foreign element) and/or industry policies that the organizations adhere to. The content of local acts must be communicated to the workers. Despite the fact that the legislation does not regulate the procedure for familiarizing employees with local legal acts developed by employers, such familiarization in most cases is done by voicing the provisions of these acts to the employee with the possible delivery of copies of them to the employee in the relevant familiarization journal. In this regard, not only the formal approach to checking local acts for compliance with current legislation but also the elaboration of the procedure for implementing the relevant acts in the company in a company is of particular importance.

Thus, a competent approach to the development of relevant documents greatly facilitates the activities of organizations both when interacting with employees and in the case of inspections by the labor inspectorate.

Law Firm BRACE provides services for the preparing and subsequent implementation in the organization of internal policies and other local legal acts of various kinds according to Russian law. The main priority in providing such a service is a thorough verification of local acts for compliance with current legislation of Russia and maximum protection of the interests of the organization.

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