Subscription Legal Services

BRACE Law Firm provides subscription legal services to businesses in areas of practice

Drafting and legal expertise of contracts according to Russian law

Subscription legal services mean the provision of legal services (legal assistance) on a regular and systematic basis to resolve the most popular legal issues that arise in the course of business. Subscription legal services involve comprehensive legal support for the company. At the same time, it is possible to transfer only part of the functions of the legal department to BRACE. This may be joint work or independent work of lawyers in certain areas and projects.

Subscription legal services allows to receive qualified legal support at a discount, at a fixed and pre-agreed cost.

Legal services within the framework of subscription legal services can be provided both to companies that have their own legal department and to those organizations that do not have a full-time lawyer or legal department.

Benefits of subscription legal services

  1. Minimization of costs for legal support of business. Subscription legal services costs are lower than for the maintenance of your own department: You do not pay personal income tax and insurance premiums for a particular employee, you do not equip the workplace. In addition, when working under a contract for subscription legal services, there is no need to register employees for work, withhold and pay taxes and contributions, provide them with jobs and guarantees provided for by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.
  2. Reducing the tax burden. The costs of subscription legal services of the company are expenses, which allows to reduce the size of the taxable base for income tax and simplified tax system.
  3. Services are provided by lawyers with expertise and experience in a particular area.
  4. Increasing efficiency. By concluding a contract for subscription legal services, you increase the efficiency and quality of decisions made. The qualifications of lawyers with the specialization of a law firm always exceed the qualifications of one, even a very experienced full-time lawyer.
  5. Budget predictability. Working under a contract for subscription legal services allows you to predict in advance the amount of costs for legal support for a business.
  6. Orientation on the result. Bringing the issue to its logical end, the firm takes responsibility for the quality of the documents drawn up and the developed legal position.
  7. What services are included in subscription legal services?

    1. Providing oral and written legal advice
    2. Preparation of written legal opinions on issues within the scope of specialization and expertise of BRACE Law Firm
    3. Drafting of contracts and their legal expertise
    4. Legal support for the conclusion, amendment or termination of contracts
    5. Preparation of other legal documents
    6. Legal analysis (legal expertise) of documents for compliance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, assessment of legal risks associated with the analyzed documents
    7. Checking documentation for compliance with the law
    8. Representation of interests in negotiations with counterparties in business
    9. Checking counterparties
    10. Claim work with contractors
    11. In what areas of legal practice are services provided?

      1. Support of commercial activities and contract law
      2. International trade law and foreign investment
      3. Government and corporate procurement
      4. Antitrust Law
      5. Real estate
      6. Compliance and sanctions law
      7. Services not included in subscription legal services

        1. Representation in courts (preparation of statements of claim and other procedural documents, participation in court hearings, etc.)
        2. Support in support of enforcement proceedings
        3. Legal services not included in the list of services provided
        4. We honestly and openly declare that we are not specialists in all areas of law, which is simply impossible in the modern world. At the same time, if any other issue is not within the scope of our expertise, we undertake to inform you as soon as possible, in order to avoid time losses and, if possible, to recommend competent colleagues.

          Tariffs for subscription services (subscription fee)

          We offer you the opportunity to choose one of the standard tariff plans for subscription legal services, or create a personal tariff if any services are required to a greater or lesser extent.

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