Legal support of real estate transactions

Legal support of real estate transactions

One of the activities of the BRACE Law Firm is the legal support of various real estate transactions. Our specialists have a great practical experience in solving a range of problems of varying degrees of complexity arising in the process of concluding and registering real estate transactions.

Any transactions with residential or non-residential real estate objects, even the simplest ones, involve great responsibility and risks, including financial ones. Despite the fact that the real estate market has become more civilized in the last few years, fraudulent schemes have not only disappeared, but are becoming more complex. Recognize them only by a competent specialist in real estate.

The help of a qualified specialist can be required for any real estate transactions, even the simplest at first glance. Each transaction requires a strong knowledge of the law and careful preparation of all documents.

A lawyer specializing in real estate can help in solving the following issues arising in the process of making deals:

  1. verification of the powers of persons who dispose of this property;
  2. inspection of persons who have the right to use the property;
  3. analysis of the submitted draft contract / drafting of the contract;
  4. accompanying the negotiation process when concluding a contract in respect of real estate;
  5. execution of the transaction.

Among the difficult moments that may arise when entering into, formalizing and registering a real estate transaction, you can name:

  1. the party's lack of the right to dispose of the property;
  2. encumbrances of the object;
  3. absence of one of the parties in the course of the transaction;
  4. occurrence of circumstances not known before;
  5. real estate transactions entered into as a condition;
  6. presence in the transaction of underage citizens;
  7. incapacity of the person signing the contract or signing the contract by an unauthorized person;
  8. other circumstances.

We offer legal support for the following real estate transactions:

  1. purchase and sale;
  2. donation;
  3. exchange;
  4. privatization of residential real estate and land;
  5. pledge of immovable property;
  6. others.

To make a transaction with real estate with minimal risks is possible only if there is a certain knowledge or due to the professional help of specialists competent in this field.

Legal services

We offer the following services:

  1. legal examination of documents submitted by the customer;
  2. development of recommendations for eliminating problems and shortcomings in documents in case they are identified;
  3. legal examination and editing of the submitted draft contract / drafting the contract;
  4. preparation of a package of documents for the transaction;
  5. legal advice during the execution of the transaction.

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