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It has successfully worked since 1989. It is a leading non-governmental institution for the preparation of specialists in the spheres of cosmetology, makeup, and esthetic medicine in Russia. The institute prepares the best professionals in the industry of beauty.
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The company focuses on complex supplying with medical clothes and medical devices for health care institutions, municipal and private hospitals, dentist's rooms, educational institutions, holiday and medical centers.
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It was founded in 2000. RAT studies ways to use up-to-date telecommunications and systems of video conferencing for remote medicinal services.
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The Russian company rendering services for license transactions in pharmaceutical business, supporting the authorization of pharmaceuticals and other products in the Russian Federation and the Eurasian Economic Union.
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It is a pharmaceutical company providing with a wide range of services in the sphere of innovative products. A central office is located in Bilovec (Czech Republic).
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Fitera ˗ Russian manufacturer of dietary supplements and herbal tea.
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Russian shipping agency specializing on transportation of medical and pharmaceutical cargos.




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