The procedure of transfer of the registration certificate of medicine isn't established by the Russian legislation. However, it doesn’t mean that the transfer is forbidden.

The term «off-label» means that the medicine is appointed not as it is specified in the description: not in case of that disease, in other dosage, with other frequency, to the child, but not to the adult or with any other deviation from the instruction.

There is a number of legislative acts regulating drugs importation process on the territory of the Russian Federation: the Federal Law No. 61 dated 12.04.2010 "On Circulation of medicines"; the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of 29.09.2010 No. 771 "About an order of drug importation for medical application on the territory of the Russian Federation";the Agreement dated 18.06.2010 "About an order of goods movement by individuals for private use through customs border of the Customs union and commission of customs operations, connected to their release". 


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