BRACE Law Firm provides services to legal entities operating in the construction industry: customers, developers, contractors (subcontractors), investors, as well as design, engineering and construction materials suppliers.

Construction is one of the most difficult spheres of business activity, in view of the need to obtain numerous approvals and permits, without which the implementation of the project is illegal. This requires not only the ability to navigate quickly in the existing legislation in the field of construction, but also a thorough knowledge of the established procedures and stages of obtaining permits. In the legal sense, the complexity of construction as an industry is that the process of implementing a construction project is governed by norms from different branches of law (land, urban, civil, environmental, administrative and others).

The amount of financial investments in construction is always significant, and errors in the legal aspect can lead to significant losses and protracted litigation. Therefore, construction activities always require qualified legal support.

The assistance of our specialists with comprehensive knowledge and practical positive experience in the implementation of construction projects will increase the efficiency of the project and reduce the risk of financial losses and litigation. We provide legal services both for the full support of construction projects, and we can advise on certain issues.

Legal support of construction activities

We provide the following legal services:

  1. preparation of contracts, agreements related to construction (relating to construction contracts, technical customer functions, technical supervision, design works, interaction with the management organization, the operating service, buyers and a number of other entities);
  2. preparation of draft documents, legal examination of bidding documents, for carrying out design works, as well as construction works;
  3. preparation, legal support in the preparation of project documentation;
  4. legal review of contracts, agreements aimed at implementing investment projects in construction;
  5. legal expertise of title documents for land plots, as well as other real estate for construction and other works;
  6. legal support for registration of ownership of land for construction works;
  7. legal verification of documents upon completion of construction and acceptance of its results;
  8. legal analysis of the set of permits for compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  9. legal support of registration / preparation of permits;
  10. legal support / legal expertise in the process of registration of rights to created / reconstructed real estate objects as a result of the implementation of the investment project;
  11. representation of construction companies in order to resolve disputes and conflict situations, including judicial, as well as administrative disputes;
  12. legal support in bringing to responsibility for violation of legislation regulating construction and investment in construction.

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