Compliance & Sanctions

Legal Compliance. Legal advice on sanctions (counter-sanctions) and related risks

Public and corporate procurements

BRACE Law Firm offers a wide range of services for the implementation of compliance measures both within the company itself and in relation to its clients, suppliers and other counterparties, as well as a range of services related to the imposition of sanctions.

In connection with the tightening of sanctions, anti-corruption, anti-monopoly, currency, tax and other legislation, it is necessary to pay close attention to ensuring preventive measures in relation to countering the risks of violation of the law, including combating corruption and fraud, including “negative lists” and applying sanctions against business-partners.

In international law, sanctions are commonly understood as measures applied by one state (states) to another state and / or its citizens in the event of a threat to the peace, violations of the peace or an act of aggression.

Sanctions have been imposed on Russia, Russian citizens and Russian business by many states. These sanctions include an embargo (a ban on the import or export of any goods, services, currency and other valuables to a particular country), bans on entry into a foreign state for specific citizens of the country, closure of airspace, prohibitions on participation in public procurement, banking activities and a number of other prohibitions and restrictions. It is important to note that sanctions instruments are quite flexible, constantly modified and supplemented, and therefore require constant monitoring of their changes and applicability to specific cases that arise in practice.

Legal services

  1. Legal Compliance
  2. Legal assessment of business process risks
  3. Analysis for the presence of external restrictions and sanctions
  4. Legal analysis of internal documents
  5. Development and improvement of internal policies and procedures
  6. Building and optimizing control mechanisms
  7. Verification of suppliers, customers and other counterparties
  8. Advising on legal acts adopted regarding sanctions and counter-sanctions against Russia
  9. Legal advice on the implementation in companies and their application of possible support measures and benefits related to mitigation by the state of the consequences of imposed sanctions
  10. Current analysis of sanctions risks for already concluded transactions and transactions planned for conclusion
  11. Supporting the conclusion of transactions by Russian and foreign companies in order to avoid and/or minimize the risks of falling under sanctions restrictions
  12. Analysis of risks associated with possible prosecution for violations of imposed sanctions restrictions

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