Debt collection upon supply contract

How to collect a debt upon delivery of goods? Legal assistance in the court.

Судебные разбирательства и разрешение споров

Under the supply contract, the supplier-seller engaged in entrepreneurial activity undertakes to transfer, within a specified period or terms, the goods produced or purchased by him to the buyer for use in entrepreneurial activity or for other purposes not related to personal, family, household and other similar use.

In cases of violation of the supply contract by the buyer in the form of repeated violations of the terms of payment for goods, a unilateral refusal of the supplier to fulfill the contract is allowed.

At the same time, the obligations to pay for the delivered goods are valid until they are fulfilled, regardless of the unilateral withdrawal from the contract.

It is important to note that in addition to assessing the prospects for satisfying claims for debt collection under a supply agreement, it is important to assess the solvency of the debtor in order to determine the prospects for the enforceability of the court decision.

The procedure for considering disputes on supply contracts

Disputes on debt collection under supply contracts are considered in the arbitration court at the location of the defendant, unless the supply contract establishes the consideration of the dispute at the location of the plaintiff.

When applying to the court, it is necessary to provide evidence of the existence of a debt under the supply contract, as well as information on the performance of the contract by the supplier.

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