Legal consulting on issues related to real estate

Legal consulting on issues related to real estate

This line of legal services is aimed at providing interested persons with consultations on issues that may arise in the course of transactions with real estate, the resolution of legal disputes in real estate, as well as other matters related to real estate. Such consultations, of course, are in demand both by individuals and business representatives (including construction companies).

The range of issues on which consultation may be required is very extensive:

  1. real estate transactions: buying and selling, renting, hiring, donation, exchange, mortgage, privatization, equity participation and others;
  2. construction, reconstruction of immovable property;
  3. operations with land plots;
  4. entering real estate as a contribution to the charter capital of a legal entity;
  5. legalization of unauthorized alterations or structures;
  6. purchase of real estate from a municipal formation;
  7. separation real estate;
  8. appealing the cadastral value of the object;
  9. re-registration of property rights;
  10. other issues.

Real estate is almost always costly and has a special status; the procedure for its acquisition, alienation, as well as possession, use and disposal is specifically regulated by law. Any actions of a legal nature related to real estate require the manifestation of not only extreme circumspection in the choice of the object, but also awareness of the rights, obligations and risks in the performance of a transaction. In the absence of the necessary legal information, the parties to the transaction may initially be in an unequal position (for example, if the second party to the contract is aware of all the legal subtleties of the procedure); this may entail conclusion of a transaction on conditions unfavorable for one of the parties. Lack of due attention to such moments may in the future lead to a loss of rights to the acquired object or the occurrence of significant costs for the elimination of object deficiencies, for the re-registration and judicial protection of violated rights, etc.

Therefore, long before the registration of transactions, it is not superfluous to receive a consultation of a lawyer with experience in real estate. Such consultation will be impartial, since the lawyer is not a person who is materially interested in the transaction, which will protect the property rights of the counselor.

In addition, legal advice on real estate issues may include a fairly wide range of issues that lie in the planes of various branches of law, including civil, land, urban and others. The specialists of the BRACE Law Firm have extensive practical experience in these industries and are highly qualified to identify risk factors at the stage of preparing a real estate transaction.

Legal services

We offer legal counseling services on the following issues:

  1. support of transactions with real estate, including, purchase and sale and donation of real estate, rent, mortgage of real estate, etc.;
  2. legal examination (verification) of the acquired land plots, buildings, residential and non-residential premises, as well as other real estate facilities;
  3. services for challenging (decreasing) the cadastral value in Federal Service of State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography;
  4. challenging the cadastral value in court, in case of refusal to the commission of Federal Service of State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography;
  5. legal support of development projects;
  6. elaboration of various draft contracts for the construction industry;

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