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Litigation and Dispute resolution

In most cases, the basis for going to court is the existence of a dispute between the parties under the contract, or the making of illegal decisions or the commission of illegal actions (inaction) by the authorities, as well as causing losses, harm and damage. The main feature of disputes considered in court is the lack of the ability or desire of the parties to resolve the conflict situation through a voluntary agreement between the parties.

Dispute resolution is carried out by Russian courts according to their jurisdiction, established by the procedural legislation. Depending on the category of the dispute, the procedure for its consideration is established, as well as additional rights and obligations of the parties are fixed.

To represent interests in court, as a general rule, you will need a warrant from a lawyer or documents confirming the presence of a higher legal education. The successful resolution of a dispute considered in court depends on the results of a preliminary analysis of judicial prospects, the qualifications of a lawyer and the client's actions aimed at a positive outcome of the court case.

Disputes arising from economic relations are subject to consideration by Russian arbitration courts. Disputes between individuals and disputes between citizens and organizations are subject to consideration in Russian courts of general jurisdiction. In some cases, the parties to the dispute may make an arbitration clause or reach other agreements on jurisdiction that do not contradict the requirements of the current legislation.

A claim or other pre-trial procedure for resolving a dispute is mandatory in cases provided for by law or an agreement.

Before choosing the means and method of legal protection, we conduct an in-depth analysis of the case materials and form an action plan, since from the very beginning there must be a plan and strategy for a legal position in a court case. After choosing the means and method of legal protection, it is necessary to act, making every effort, to achieve the intended result in court.

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