Legal support of tenders

Legal support of tenders

One of the important areas of practice of BRACE Law Firm is the provision of legal services for the legal support of tenders.

Public and corporate procurements are key areas of industry specialization for lawyers at BRACE Law Firm, in which we provide legal services to procurement participants, state, municipal and corporate customers, electronic platforms, as well as other legal entities and individuals, including through legal support for procurement and procurement disputes.

Legal support of tenders

Legal support services for tenders include the very diverse actions of lawyers specializing in legal support of procurements. Similar services can be provided to both customers and procurement participants.

State and corporate customers are provided with services for the development of procurement documentation, the formation of requirements for the object (subject) of the procurement, the determination of the initial (maximum) price, the conduct of the procurement procedure, legal advice on the consideration of submitted applications and conclusion of contracts, as well as some of other legal services.

With legal support of tenders, procurement participants also receive legal support in monitoring enforcement practices regarding procurement, methodological support in drawing up applications for participation in tenders, concluding agreements (contracts), drafting protocols of disagreements, as well as assistance in other emerging legal issues.

Such services may, depending on the needs of the client, be provided both one-time (on specific issues) and in the manner of subscription legal services. Comprehensive legal support of tenders is also possible, including legal assistance at all stages of the procurement procedures.

Legal services

  1. Advising customers on legal issues arising in the organization of tenders
  2. Development of procurement documentation or legal analysis of procurement documentation submitted by the customer and / or draft contracts
  3. Assistance to bidders in developing an optimal line of conduct for effective participation in procurement
  4. Advising procurement participants on the preparation of applications for participation in the procurement
  5. Representation of interests in the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia and the court in disputes arising from tenders between customers and procurement participants
  6. Preparation of legal opinions on legal issues of tendering
  7. Consultation of lawyers and attorneys of BRACE Law Firm regarding the prospects of judicial and / or pre-trial settlement of disputes arising from procurement
  8. Providing other legal assistance with legal support of tenders

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