Optimization of the Сorporate Structure

Legal support for the optimization of the corporate structure


The change in the regulatory environment is extensive, which places special demands on the corporate structure of a business. To improve the efficiency and safety of the company, there is a need to optimize the corporate structure of the organization as a whole. The corporate structure is to ensure the effectiveness of activities to achieve the goals of the company. At the same time, the optimization of the corporate structure is called bringing the company's activities to such a structure when the achievement of the company's goals is carried out efficiently, but with minimal costs and maximum income.

Often, it is possible to determine the need to optimize the corporate structure only with the help of a third-party specialized company, this is due to the fact that, working within the organization, it is rather difficult to determine the inefficiency of certain production processes. To do this, it is necessary to evaluate the work of the company as a whole, to analyze the activities of the organization in the context of the following issues:

  1. The competence of the company’s employees, the existence of a conflict of interest and personal interest of employees. It is especially important to pay attention to the scope of the sale of goods, works, services and the direction of procurement for the needs of the organization;
  2. Efficiency of resource management. From this direction, the profit of the company largely depends;
  3. Business development strategy. In the absence of this direction, many business processes may not receive the necessary development and, as a result, do not bring a decent profit to entrepreneurs;
  4. The presence of a bureaucratic component. In most cases, the presence of such a component slows down the development of the organization, and also slows down most business processes. Given modern technological capabilities, many issues can be resolved automatically.

At the same time, the main reasons for optimizing the corporate structure of the company are:

  1. The need to enter new markets, including foreign ones.
  2. Change of technological processes and introduction of new means of production.
  3. Change of external factors influencing the activity of the enterprise.
  4. Conducting a merger or acquisition procedure.
  5. Change of business owners.

There can be many reasons for the need for optimization, only a part of them are listed above, however, the process of optimizing the corporate structure, regardless of the reason for the need for it, often looks approximately the same:

  1. Analysis of the existing corporate structure in general and in certain areas, including analysis of business objectives;
  2. Development of a company optimization strategy. For each organization, the optimization strategy is built individually, all important factors of the organization's activities are subject to accounting;
  3. Identification of inefficient organizational processes. The presence of such processes negatively affects the activities of all areas of the company.
  4. Increasing the efficiency of personnel work and introducing new technological processes. Analysis of the efficiency of labor and technological processes allows you to identify adverse factors affecting the efficiency of the company as a whole.
  5. Building an optimal management structure, it is important to consider that in some cases the centralization of management processes has a negative impact on the work of the company's branches.
  6. Development of efficient use of company resources.
  7. Prevention of the use of one's official position for personal purposes.
  8. Optimization of the number of personnel.
  9. Reducing costs and increasing business profitability.

Optimization of the corporate structure affects almost all areas of the company’s activities, from personnel, execution of contracts with customers, suppliers and ending with technological processes. At the same time, optimization is accompanied by the development of various work regulations for personnel, which contributes to improving the efficiency of the company’s activities. Very often, the process of optimizing the corporate structure affects many areas of the company, however, some specialists may not accept the innovations introduced, which entails the departure of employees, in some cases very qualified ones. However, this point is important to take into account when carrying out optimization and develop a strategy for the interest of employees.

The modern world dictates its own conditions for doing business to business. This is due to the economic and political situation, changes in legislation, improvement of technological processes, changes in the tax regime, etc. All these factors certainly affect the activities of companies, but the main condition for any entrepreneurial activity is to make a profit, which is ensured by the efficiency of all business processes.

As a rule, the most effective way to evaluate a business is to analyze the company's activities by a third-party qualified organization, which will evaluate all the factors that affect the company's performance targets, develop an optimization strategy and implement it into the organization’s functionality. The experience and qualifications of third-party lawyers allows us to optimize the corporate structure with minimal time and financial costs, while increasing the efficiency of the business. Optimization allows the business to remain relevant in market conditions and apply new patterns of interaction, both within the organization and with external counterparties.

Legal services

  1. Analysis of the corporate structure of the business
  2. Recommendations for optimization, building a strategy for optimizing the corporate structure of the business
  3. Preparation of the necessary documents to optimize the corporate structure and their implementation
  4. Carrying out optimization of the corporate structure

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