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Legal support of the business in various areas of activity

Drafting and legal expertise of contracts according to Russian law

Entrepreneurial activity, regardless of the industry, is inextricably linked with the solution of not only financial issues, but also legal problems. This is due to the fact that any activity is regulated by various laws and by-laws of both the Russian Federation and the norms of international law. Understanding all the intricacies of the regulatory documents governing a particular activity is not easy not only for a novice entrepreneur, but also for an experienced businessman, while it is important to note that changes are made to the legislation quite often, which also need to be monitored and adjusted in connection with these changes.

In this regard, legal support and support is an important component of business activity. As a rule, legal support for business is necessary at all stages of entrepreneurial activity: from registration as a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, direct entrepreneurial activity and up to the moment of exclusion from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

Legal business support can be divided into several types:

  1. One-time consultations on a specific topic.
  2. Comprehensive support.
  3. Maintenance of a separate line of business activity.
  4. Legal assistance of a startup.
  5. Legal assistance and audit of an existing business.

For one-time issues, an entrepreneur can apply for a solution to one issue to a qualified lawyer and at the same time receive a comprehensive approach to solving a specific problem with full legal support for such a problem.

With comprehensive support, the law firm undertakes a full, comprehensive service for a particular entrepreneur or business and accompanies him on all legal issues necessary for his activities.

At the same time, certain types of legal support also usually include such types, for example, as personnel office work, contractual work, representation in court, etc.

It is often quite difficult to understand all the intricacies of legal norms that must be observed, especially if an entrepreneur starts an independent business for the first time. For this, it is necessary to contact a qualified lawyer for help so that the activities that the business plans to engage in comply with the requirements of current legislation.

It should also be noted that when doing business, especially on your own and without the help of qualified specialists, it is important to conduct an internal audit in various areas of activity for compliance with the requirements of Russian legislation.

In most cases, in almost any type of legal assistance to business, an important component of entrepreneurial activity is the documentation of local acts, which must be drawn up depending on the type of activity. The development of local regulatory documents is also not complete without the help of qualified legal support, because all the necessary requirements for a particular type of activity are reflected in the regulations.

It should also be noted that some types of business activities are subject to licensing, which, in addition to being regulated by a separate block of regulatory documents, also requires careful legal study, this is due to the fact that the fact of obtaining a license depends on the ability to engage in specific business activities. At the same time, it is important to note that for the implementation of entrepreneurial activities without an appropriate permit (license), an appropriate liability is provided.

At the same time, legal support for business allows an entrepreneur to:

  1. Competently form business activities that meet all the requirements of the law.
  2. Minimize the number of claims from government regulatory authorities. With proper execution of all necessary documents and business processes, the risk of questions from regulatory authorities is reduced to a minimum.
  3. Minimize possible risks when working with contractors. When interacting with other market participants, competent registration of relationships and checking the counterparty for good faith can reduce possible adverse consequences for the entrepreneur.
  4. Get timely legal advice if necessary.
  5. To carry out representation in various bodies, organizations and institutions by a qualified specialist.

Regardless of the type of legal support or support chosen by the entrepreneur, qualified competent assistance from an experienced lawyer allows you to avoid a large number of unpleasant situations related to entrepreneurial activity, both from state bodies and contractors.

Legal services

  1. Advisory legal assistance to entrepreneurial activities in various industries
  2. Development of local regulations of the company
  3. Comprehensive support for business activities
  4. Legal due diligence of a particular industry or a comprehensive audit of business activities for compliance with Russian legislation
  5. Representation of the company on legal issues in various authorities, organizations and institutions

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